Coach Schedule and his former coaches lip singing.

Coach Schedule

1st Period- Cross Country

2nd Period- Economics

3rd Period- Economics

4th Period- Economics

5th Period- Varsity/JV Boys Basketball

6th Period- Psychology

7th Period- Psychology

8th Period- Conference Period


Contact Me:
     Phone:  (936) 276-4000 ext. 4115

Tutoring Schedule:  After school By Appointment

Coach Schedule in deep thought.


My Name is Casey Schedule, and I'm truly excited to be starting my first year here at Lake creek. I'm going into my 6th year of teaching and my 10th year of coaching after serving in the United States Navy for 10 years. I spent my first two years of teaching/coaching at Hurst Jr. High. Followed up by the past three years at Leander high school in the Austin area.

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July 2020
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Assigned: 3/25/2020  Due: 3/30/2020

Our first assignment will be The Monetary and Fiscal Policy videos that we were going to do before school got cancelled before Spring break. The videos and the instructions are on the post below this one. I have your journals so do them on a piece of paper and take a selfie with your work (I still need to be able to read your papers). Then submit the picture for the assignment posted in Classroom.  Due Monday by Midnight.

Write a two 1/2 page response one on Monetary Policy and one on Fiscal policy based on the three videos below.



Assigned 3/31/2020    Due: 4/3/2020


Pick a Stock to Invest In!

The purpose of this activity is to investigate several different stocks and choose which one to invest in.   List 10 companies that you think are making profit, and whose stock should be a good investment. (searching the Fortune 500 list is a good place to start.)      

1. _______________________________ 3. ________________________________

2. _______________________________  4. ________________________________

5. _______________________________  6. ________________________________

7. _______________________________   8. ________________________________

9. _______________________________  10. ________________________________


2. Using your phone look up their current stock prices.  For example- Google- “stock price Nike” Write down the stock price next to the company’s name in # 1-10.

3. Look at the graph on the history of the stock price.  Is it going up, down, or neither? __________

4. Read some of the articles underneath your Google search and get a general idea whether or not it would be good to invest in this company.  (Cite articles on a citation page. 2 minimum per stock)

5. Write/type a quick paragraph for each stock explaining why you think it is or isn’t a good investment? In addition, add how has the Covid-19 outbreak affected the stock price in the past couple of months?

6. Out of the 10 companies you looked up, which one looks like the best investment?


7.  List the 3 best reasons why this is a good stock to invest in? ____________________________________



Move Out Project!   Assigned : 4/7/2020  Due: 5/21/2020

Please read the assignment carefully and these instructions very carefully. 

1. This project will take us through the end of the year. You complete in stages that you will find in the attached document. This will be done through google slides. 
2. You will show your progress every week with submitting those stages that are assigned for that given week on created assignments that I will create each week here in google classroom. They'll be titled "Stage 1 and Stage 2" and so forth. Or essentially every week you will add to your google slides presentation and submit it to show your progress. Your final project on May 21 will be submitted here on this assignment.  
3. The best way to contact me is through commenting here in google classroom. (preferably not on the class thread) So feel free if you have any questions don't hesitate. 
4. Do not rush this project. It's meant to be completed over the course of the month+.    

Budget Project 2020.docx







Stressed Out Project: Assigned: 3/31/2020  Due: 4/3/2020

Read the Lab activity. You can ask these question how you want to your peers using whatever means necessary. Just record your answers so you can complete the experiment. Keep answers anonymous. After data collection make sure to answer the 3 questions at the bottom. Submit your research and answers in classroom for you credit.  


Stressed 1.jpg


Stressed 2.jpg

The Brain Part 1: Assigned 4/7/2020  Due: 4/15/2020

For this assignment it's very straight forward. As you can see in the picture there many different part of your brain. I simply want you look the parts up that are pictured and define it.

Brain 1.jpg

(3)  Science of psychology. The student understands the relationship between biology and behavior. The student is expected to:

(A)  describe the anatomy of the central and peripheral nervous systems and the endocrine system; and

(B)  explain the effects of the endocrine and nervous systems on development and behavior.

(4)  Science of psychology. The student understands how sensations and perceptions influence cognition and behavior. The student is expected to:

(A)  explain the capabilities and limitations of sensory systems and individual perceptions; and

(B)  understand the interaction of the individual and the environment in determining sensation and perception.hem. Then post a selfie with your hand written answers.