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Room: 1511

English I & English III AP

936-276-2001  EXT: 4098

Distance Learning Hours:

You may reach me via Remind or email at any time. I typically answer between 8am-3pm Monday-Friday.


1. 7:20-8:05 | English I

2. 8:11-8:56 | PLC

3. 9:02-9:53 | Conference

4. 9:59-10:54 | English I

5. 10:50-12:07 | English I (Lunches)

6. 12:13-12:58 | English III AP

7. 1:04-1:49 | English I

8. 1:55-2:40 | English I

**Available for tutoring before and after school on Tuesday and Thursdays or by appointment. Please be sure to notify me that you are attending.
Casey Wilson
husband, Oakley, Jemma, drawing

Howdy! I am Casey Wilson. I have northern roots (Indiana), but I married a southern gentleman who brought me down to the great state of Texas! This is my sixth year teaching and my first year as a Lion! I am SO excited to be here and work in this amazing community.


I graduated from Ball State University where I majored in Secondary English Education. Fun fact: I never changed my major, and I've known since 8th grade that I wanted to be an English teacher! I am currently enrolled at Texas A&M (whoop!) pursuing my masters degree in Education Psychology with a focus in creativity! I have a passion for understanding the way we learn and how I can best help students reach their full potential creatively.


I am married to my best friend who is a firefighter in our community as well as a former Montgomery Bear! We have a dog named Oakley and a cat named Jemma. When I am not teaching, you can find me taking pictures, writing, or planning our next adventure.


I am really looking forward to a great year!


Hey English I students!! First, I want to say that I miss y'all! Though our time together looks a little different than we probably would have imagined, I am still "here" for you and care so much about y'all and your learning! Below you will find activities and assignments for the week. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me or message me on Remind!

I have LOVED being your teacher this year. Thank you for all the fun memories. It has been a joy to watch you learn and grow :) Love y'all!

Click here to watch my end of the year video.


Week 7 & 8: (Wednesday, May 6 - Tuesday, May 19)

Directions: These next two weeks are going to look a little different. The final two weeks you will have TWO assignments that will be due by Tuesday, May 19: "Quarantine Bingo" and the "Teacher Evaluation Form."

  1. Create a BINGO from the "Quarantine Bingo" sheet provided. Remember that a BINGO can be 5 spaces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If you have any questions about the length of the assignment (most squares ask students to journal), 5-7 sentences is a good MINIMUM to shoot for. Your responses need to be either:
  2. Fill out the "Teacher Evaluation Form." The information you give on this form will be used to review the effectiveness of my teaching, with the intent to improve or make changes for future classes. Each question should take into consideration the overall school year, not specific time periods. 

Click here to watch a video of me saying hello and explaining this week's assignments! :) 


Week 6: (Wednesday, April 29 - Tuesday, May  5)

Directions: Continue reading your novel of choice for at least 10 minutes a day. Think about how your novel connects to our world in some sort of way. Then, search the internet for a nonfiction/informational article that relates to your book in some way. For example, if I was reading Fahrenheit 451, I could find and article about book burning or technology advancements. Please make sure you are looking at the source that you are getting your article from- determine if it is "credible" (unbiased and backed up with evidence). You can use the "Nonfiction/Informational Text Notes" provided to help you answer some of these questions!

Click here for your Nonfiction/Informational Text Notes

Click here for Week 6 Assignment: Nonfiction Connections

Miss y'all so much! Have a great week!


Week 5: (Wednesday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 28)

Directions: This week you will continue to read your choice novel. Again, please try to read 10 minutes a day or AT LEAST one hour a week. If you finish the book you chose, you can always choose another one and let me know that you have chosen a new book. The goal is for you to keep reading and enjoy what you are reading! I see so many of you are reading some of my favorites and I am SO excited to hear your thoughts on them!!

Once you have read, you will complete the Week 5 Assignment: Poetry Connections. Please READ the directions on the Google Form for the specific requirements for what your poem should include! 

Click here for your Week 5 Assignment: Poetry Connections: 


Week 4: (Wednesday, April 15 - Tuesday, April 21)

Directions: This week you will CHOOSE a fiction novel that you would like to read. Please make sure that you have not read the book before and that the book is at your reading level. If you do not have access to books at home or cannot purchase one, I am going to provide you with many websites that are offering free audiobooks and ebooks during this time. You are to try and read 10 minutes a day (or at least one hour this week). I encourage you to read as much as you can during this time at home- it is the best way you can keep up your English skills! If you have no idea what book to read, please reach out to me via Remind or Email- I LOVE giving book recommendations!!! Below is a list of my "Top 10 Young Adult Books."

  1. Turtles All the Way Down- John Green
  2. All the Bright Places - Jennifer Niven
  3. The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
  4. Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell
  5. Harry Potter Series - J.K Rowling
  6. Ready Player One - Ernest Kline
  7. Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon
  8. Bone Gap - Laura Ruby
  9. Night - Elie Wiesel (nonfiction)
  10. Uglies Series - Scott Westerfeld

Once you have read 10 minutes a day (or at least one hour), please answer the following questions about your book:

Click here for your Week 4 Assignment: Answering questions about your book-

Resources for FREE audiobooks and ebooks:

Junior Library Guildhas opened up unlimited access to their audio books and ebooks!

Here is the URL:

Here is some additional important information:


  1. Click the school-level book stream of your choice from above: ElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh School.
  2. Ignore the Personal Account Sign-In box at the top of the page—just scroll down to the books and get started. You can even click the “X” in the top right corner of the sign-in box so that it goes away.
  3. Simply click on a book to go to its page, then click the “Read” or “Play” button to begin reading/listening. Audiobooks are designated with a headphone icon on the lower right corner of the book cover; ebooks are designated with a tablet icon on the lower right corner.
  4. If an audiobook fails to play, check your browser. Audiobooks will notplay in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

More tips

  • All books in the streams are multi-user, meaning an unlimited number of readers can access them at the same time.
  • A selection of titles will expire at the end of each month, so watch for the “Leaving Soon” banners to appear on the cover art. But, don’t worry—new titles will automatically be added to the streams at that time, too!
  • The Search feature will bring up titles that are not available to be read. These titles are not currently in the streams and cannot be accessed. Only books with the “Read” or “Play” buttons are the books available to read.

Montgomery Public Library

Click here to access their website

Currently closed for in-person visits, but there are so many resources under the tab eLibrary.

Audible (Amazon) Free 30 Day Trial

Click here to access Audible

BookBub: Free Membership

Click here to access BookBub



Week 3: (Wednesday, April 8 - Tuesday, April 14)

Directions: This week you will be writing a dystopian short story of your own. Be creative! The specific directions and pre-planning questions are included in the document below. I recommend you handwrite or type this in a separate document first so that you can work on it little by little. When you are ready to submit, just type or copy/past into the boxes on the form! Use your dystopian notes to help you!! Also, please remember that you are submitting a story for an ENGLISH CLASS. Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling MATTER.

Click here for your Dystopian Notes.

Click here for your Dystopian Short Story Assignment.

Enrichment Activities: (things you can do for fun/extended learning- not required). 

Challenge yourself to add the following things to your short story:

  • Character Foils
  • Figurative Language (simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, etc.)
  • Imagery
  • Irony
  • Flashback
  • Foreshadowing
  • Dialogue


Week 2: (Wednesday April, 1- Tuesday, April 7)

Required Reading: Last week you read pages 107-133 of Fahrenheit 451. This week, we will finish reading the book pages 133-158 (start at youtube audiobook 4:34.33 until end of book).

Click here for online version of Fahrenheit 451.

Click here for audio version of Fahrenheit 451. 

Required Activities (3)

1. Click here for your Thoughts/Reflections on the end of book. 

2. Click here for your Dystopian Paragraph assignment.

3.Click here for your Interview Assignment. 

Enrichment Activities: (things you can do for fun/extended learning- not required). 

Watch the new Fahrenheit 451 movie with Michael B. Jordan (can be found on Amazon and Hulu). As you watch, consider the differences. Then, answer the following questions to compare/contrast.

Click here to compare/contrast the movie to the book.



click here to watch a "welcome back" video!

Week 1: (Wednesday, March 25 - Tuesday, May 31) 

If you remember, we left off on Part 2 of F451. They had just arrived in front of Montag's house. This week we will begin Part 3: Burning Bright. 

Required Reading: P 107 - 133 (audio book 3:37.55-4:34.33)

Click here for the online version of Fahrenheit 451. 

Click here for the audio version of Fahrenheit 451. 

Required Questions: 

Click here for this week's questions. 


Enrichment Activities (things you can do for fun/extended learning)

Click here for a podcast & questions about "brain chatter."


For assistance with Remote Learning Information for students, including resetting passwords for Office 365, Google Classroom, visit:

Struggling to stay organized? Feel free to use this organizer! 

Hey AP students!! First, I want to say that I miss y'all! Though our time together looks a little different than we probably would have imagined, I am still "here" for you and care so much about y'all and your learning! Below you will find activities and assignments for the week. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me/message me on Remind!

Week 8: Wednesday, May 13 - Tuesday, May 19)

Directions: Please complete the assignment on AP Classroom. 

  • There are secure practice test questions on the assignment, so you will need to download the lockdown browser. Directions can be found here.
  • You can also find directions on the website:
  • For the FRQ- you do not need to write the whole essay (unless you would like to for practice). In the box provided, you can just type out an outline that includes your thesis, your claims, and your examples. 

Your test is MAY 20TH AT 1:00 PM. 

I will be in contact with you the day of to wish you good luck and answer any last minute questions!! 

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!!


Week 7: (Wednesday, May 6 - Tuesday, May 12)


  • Next, please fill out the following form: Click Here.

Lastly, if you would like to take the outline that you created last week and turn it into an essay for me to read and give you feedback on, I would be more than happy to do so. However, since I am giving you so many videos and exam prep to look at this week, I am not requiring you to do that. If you would like a different prompt to practice, please reach out to me individually, and I will provide you with additional practice. 


Week 6: (Wednesday, April 29 - Tuesday, May 5)


  • Exam Date & Time: May 20th @ 1pm.
  • Exam Timing: 45 minutes to read and respond to Question 1 + 5 minutes to upload.
  • Question Type: Rhetorical Analysis
  • Open Book/Open Note

You should receive an exam confirmation on May 4 with you AP ID and a list of exams you are registered for, and two days before your exam you will receive your e-ticket. 

Since the exam is open book/open note, I will be including a list of helpful notes/resources below. Keep checking for updated handouts/notes. If you are concerned about a certain concept, please reach out to me personally, and I will do my best to provide you notes/information on that specific topic. I know most of you probably left your notes/notebooks at school! So please let me know what I can do to help.


Directions for Week 6: Continue reading your novel this week. Additionally, I want you to practice looking at an RA prompt and breaking it down into some sort of an outline. You are not writing an essay this week, you are just filling out the chart below. You may download/type or print/handwrite your answers and then email it to me at 

Click here for your Week 6 Assignment.

Notes/Resources for AP Exam - Rhetorical Analysis

Check back regularly for updated/additional resources.


Week 5: (Wednesday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 28)

Continue reading your nonfiction book of choice. You should be reading at least 10 minutes a day (or at least one hour per week). This week you will create a visual advertisement for your book. Consider the OPTIC strategy to analyze an image. Though you are not analyzing your own image, you should consider all the important elements that work together to persuade someone visually so that you are being purposeful in your design. You will not only share your advertisement with me, but you will answer questions about your choices. 

Your advertisement can be done on the computer (but you may not use stock images from the internet- you need to design/make your own). Or you can draw it out on a sheet of paper and take a picture/scan it to me. If you have another preference on how you would like to create your advertisement, please message me personally. Be creative! You will email me me your advertisement.

Click here for a reminder/overview of the OPTIC strategy.

Click here to answer questions about your advertisement. 

**Please also make sure you are checking your grades/results for your AP Classroom assignments. Please also remember that the College Board is still providing you with amazing concept reviews via their YouTube channel.


Week 4: (Wednesday, April 15 - Tuesday, April 21)

Please complete the Week 4 practice located on AP Classroom. You have two passages with 14 questions each. There is no FRQ this week. (Last week's has been graded- you can see your results in AP Classroom). 

Click here to access AP Classroom.

Nonfiction Book: Please begin (or keep) reading your nonfiction book of choice. You should be reading at least 10 minutes a day (or at least one hour per week). I always encourage reading more, but that is the minimum. This week you will be thinking about the "s" "o" "a" and "tone" in SOAPSTone. 

Click here to complete your nonfiction check-in "SOApsTONE"


Week 3: (Wednesday, April 8 - Tuesday, April 12)

Please complete the Week 3 practice located on AP Classroom. You have 10 Multiple Choice questions and one FRQ (rhetorical analysis). 

Click here to access AP Classroom.

By now, you have chosen a nonfiction book. If you don't have a way to get your book, please let me know via email or Remind. Audible is doing a free 30 day trial, the Public Library has online resources, and Amazon is always a great option. 

Lastly, please create a FlipGrid in which you answer the questions provided. I believe you will need your school ID to create one. If you are having problems getting on, please let me know. 

Click here to access FlipGrid. 

6 Word Memoir


Week 2: (Wednesday, April 1 - Tuesday, April 7)

      This week I will be giving you feedback on your free response questions from week 1. That feedback will come via Remind. 

      College Board is continuing to push out awesome, valuable resources for you via their YouTube channel. This is a great way to review important concepts that you could potentially see on your exam. You can check the schedule if you would like to participate live, but it seems they are keeping the videos up for you to watch at any time, which is awesome. I HIGHLY recommend watching at least one per week. The link to the YouTube channel is below:

Click here for the AP Lang & Comp YouTube Channel. 

Required Assignments:

1. Six Work Memoir 

2. Social Media RA

3. Ethicist: Argument Practice

4. Be thinking about a nonfiction book you would like to read. If you need suggestions, please let me know. Once you have decided on a nonfiction book that interests you, please send me the title and author via Remind. Please choose a book you have not read. You may not read the same book as someone else in the class, so if there is something that really interests you, be sure to message me on Remind ASAP. I would like to have your choice sent to me by Monday (4/6). 


Week 1: (Wednesday, March 25 - Tuesday, March 31)

Before we left for break, we were working on developing our newspaper. Unfortunately, since we will not be able to meet daily to collaborate, I will have to dismiss that assignment. I would, however, like you to finish reading The Great Gatsby; you had one one chapter left. Your first assignment will be to answer the free response question provided below. Please do your best. 

Click here for the free response question.

Additionally, "Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, you can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses:
  • Are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work your teacher may give you.
  • Will be available on-demand, so you can access them any time.
  • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course."

Please plan on tuning in to at least one of these live sessions. When you are finished, please fill out the reflection form. It looks like they are keeping the videos up when the live stream is over, so you can watch any time if you can't make the live!


March 25, 2pm-2:45pm

March 26, 2pm-2:45pm

March 27, 2pm-2:45pm

Click here for the youtube channel.

Click here to fill out a reflection from one of these live sessions. 

**Stay tuned to the AP website for more updates regarding your test. I will provide you updates as they become available to me as well.


For assistance with Remote Learning Information for students, including resetting passwords for Office 365, Google Classroom, visit:

Green: All Classes

Purple: English I

Blue: AP English III

***Please Note: Daily Activities are subject to change due to classes working at different paces. Additionally, formative assessment of if students are understanding the material or not changes the pace of activities as well. Quizzes & Test will be updated regularly if the date changes. If you have any questions or concerns about activities on a certain date, please email me at

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Romeo and Juliet, Fahrenheit 451, Stack of Books, To Kill a Mockingbird, 12 Angry Men

Welcome to English I!

Online Textbook




Below you will find links to documents/handouts/notes covered in class. Please refer to the calendar for which day each item lands on.

1st 6 Weeks: Short Stories & Elements

Student Inventory

Fiction Notes

Short Story Writing In-Class Assignment

"Interlopers" Short Story

Interlopers Audio

"The Necklace" Short Story

"The Necklace" Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Response- "Gift of Magi"

"Gift of the Magi" Short Story


"The Most Dangerous Game" Short Story

Conflict- "The Most Dangerous Game"



2nd 6 Weeks: 12 Angry Men & To Kill a Mockingbird

EOC Rubric (Essays)

Revising and Editing

TKAM QR Code Background Info

The Great Depression Article

Jim Crow Laws Article

The Scottsboro Boys

Stock Market Crash

Harper Lee

TKAM Background Questions

3rd 6 Weeks: To Kill a Mockingbird

TKAM Audio-book and Textbook + Videos

Maycomb Map

TKAM Ch. 2 & 3 Graphic Novel

Chapter 7 Questions

TKAM Part I Test Review

TKAM Part I Quizlet

TKAM Essay Prompt DUE 11.21

TKAM Project

Testimony Notes

Final Exam Study Guide

4th 6 Weeks: Poetry and Nonfiction

Poetry Notes

"The Noiseless Patient Spider"


Poetry Terms Quizlet

Types of Sentences Instructional Video

Types of Sentences Quizlet

Another Quizlet over Sentences

ANOTHER Quizlet over Sentences :)

SeaWorld Says Article

Blackfish Documentary

SeaWorld Cares (Other Side Video)

A Brother's Crime Story & Questions

Quizlet: Nonfiction Terms (see me for class code)

5th 6 Weeks: Fahrenheit 451 + Test Prep

Fahrenheit 451 Notes

Reading Passage #1

Reading Passage #1: What To Look For

Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook

Fahrenheit 451 PDF Book

Reading Passage #2

Reading Passage #2: What To Look For

Vocabulary Project Example

Vocabulary Quizlet

English I Parent Newsletter: Designed for Parents/Guardians

Parent involvement is important, especially at the freshman level. Therefore, I have designed a weekly parent newsletter to inform you of upcoming due dates and additional resources to help at home if needed. This newsletter is designed with the parent/guardian in mind. I aim to communicate with you what is happening in the classroom so we can work together to help your student be successful. These newsletter will be posted on Sundays. If you have any questions about the content inside the newsletter, please feel free to email me. 

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5th 6 Weeks

February 18-February 21

February 24-February 28

March 2-March 6

March 9-March 13

Overachievers, Into the Wild, Chasing Space, Henrietta Lacks, The Great Gatsby, In Cold Blood

Welcome to English III-AP

Language and Composition!


AOW (Article of the Week)

*Due every Monday


Below you will find links to documents/handouts/notes covered in class. Please refer to the calendar for which day each item lands on.

Course Exam Information

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Toolbox

Rhetorical Analysis Basic Questions

Device to Meaning



Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes


Fallacies Notes/Videos




Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

Gatsby Covers