Cindi Rausch M.Ed., Department Chair
Room: 1514
English III, English IV

Contact Me:
Phone:  (936) 276-2001 x84455

Office Hours: Gold Days-7:25-8:25

Live Days Schedule: English live days are Mondays and Tuesdays. See the Navy/Gold Academic Calendar for the days you will be live. Please see your Google Classroom for Zoom codes.

Gold Live Times

2nd - 10:30

3rd - 12:30

4th - 2:30

Navy Live Times

5th - 8:30

7th - 12:30

8th - 2:30


My Schedule


1st- Conference

2nd- English IV

3rd- English III

4th- English III


5th-English IV

6th- PLC

7th- English IV

8th- English IV



Bell schedule
Navy and Gold Calendar
Picture of me and Dr. John O'Connor, my Shakespeare Professor.

~Professor of Shakespeare, Dr. O'Connor and I in the Fellows Garden at Exeter College, Oxford University~

door with hearts

Class of 2020.

Each one of you has a heart on my door.  I see your names every day, and they bring me such joy. I miss you all.

Ms. Rausch

Tue, 27 Oct 2020
adjective: Having a lot of space; roomy.
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  • Fishing in Haidi Gwaii This monster put up quite a fight. It is a 34 lb. king salmon.

  • Game day These are my dogs, Kytt and Keeghan, wearing their Seahawks gear on game day.

  • The Class of 2020 These kids are my heart. I love you!

Greetings Lake Creek Family!

My name is Cynthia (Cindi) Rausch, and I am grateful to be a part of our amazing Lion family.  This is my 28th year as an educator. I earned my undergrad from Cal. State Sacramento, and my Master's from Sam Houston State University. I've taught 8th-12th English, journalism, and ACT prep, as well as TAAS and TAKS prep. I am currently teaching 11th grade American Literature and 12th grade British Literature.  I am blessed to serve the English Department as department chair, and I coach two incredible UIL Academic teams.  I have a fierce case of wanderlust and have traveled to twenty countries.  While I could never pick a favorite country or trip, my two summers in England studying literature at Oxford University, Exeter college were incredible and are certainly among my most memorable and educational.  I am a huge Seattle Seahawks (Go Hawks!) fan, and I love attending sporting events with friends.  I am an unabashed bibliophile, and I am never without a book. If forced to choose, I would say historical fiction is my favorite genre. I have two adorable rescue dogs, Kytt (pronounced kit) and Keeghan who keep me on my toes and bring me great joy. While Covid-19 has certainly thrown us a few curve balls, I am confident that by working together, we will have a productive and exciting year!

Quote from Brad Johnson
Bitmoji classroom, me as a bitmoji at a desk with the MLA format on a whiteboard and a window

lion head with the word lions.


Important Dates for 2020-2021



Congratulations Lake Creek Lit. Crit. and Ready Writing!

We had a fantastic showing at our very first District UIL Meet. Literary Criticism won 2nd place as a team, and Avery Petty placed 4th as an individual. Ready Writer Katelynn Webb placed 4th at her very first high school UIL event! I am so proud of everyone who participated in this year's competition. We wish all of those moving on to Regionals the very best of luck!

Reese, Hunter, Avery and I at UIL



Alternate Transportation Form

Permission Form

2019-2020 Lit. Crit. Readings have been posted.

Link to List


Novel: Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut

Poetry: Percy Bysshe Shelley Selected Poems and Prose

UIL Logo

2018-2019 Lit. Crit. Team                                   2018-2019 Ready Writing Team

hedgehog reading a book                                 scroll with ink and quill

Avery Petty                                                               Trista Fuller

Kerri McClanahan                                                     Madelyn Wendt

Hunter Malone                                                         Madison Fair

Reese Woodard                                                    

Delaney Bower                                                       

Ready Writing

Ready Writing UIL

Ready Writing Handbook

Ready Writing UIL Tips Video

Writing Prompts and 2016 Winning Papers

Writing Prompts and 2012 Winning Papers

Printable Rubric

New York Crosswords over history, literature, etc. 



Lit. Crit.

Lit Crit UIL

Lit Crit Elements of the Contest

Lit Crit Handbook

Pulitzer Prize Fiction List

Pulitzer Prize Poetry List

Pulitzer Prize Drama List

Poetry Organizer

UIL Novel Organizer

Lit Terms

Lit Terms Quizlet

Good list of terms for flashcards





Poetry Organizer

Poetry Meter

Poetic Devices

Everything you need to know about poetry


2020-2021 Readings

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness




William Wordsworth: Selected Poem

"Lines Written in Early Spring" "Expostulation and Reply" "The Tables Turned" "Lucy Gray" "Matthew" "Strange Fits of Passion I Have Known" "She Dwelt among Untrodden Ways"
"Great Men Have Been among Us" "The World Is Too Much with Us" "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" "The Solitary Reaper" "Mutability" "She Was a Phantom of Delight" "To a Skylark"


Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman


2019-2020 Readings

Player Piano

Kurt Vonnegut Bio

Kurt Vonnegut Documentary

Online Text of the book







Shakespeare Bio

Shakespeare Video Bio

Online Text of the play



Spark Notes Video



ACT Resources

Lake Creek High School Code 441971

 2018-2019 ACT Test Dates

Grading and Supplies


ACT Official Web Site Registration

Photo ID Form

Official Calculator Policy

Khan Academy Great for concepts or skills you are still struggling with. We will be doing grammar practices from this site. Please make an account.

Math Practices

Math Formula Sheets

Scholarship Information

School Admission Score Ranges (Find your school.)




(For you, Savannah!)

December 2018

Math Guy

 Complete Math Tests

Math Trigger Words

College logos on a map
Pat  Tillman
Canterbury Tales
Sword in a stone
Brave New World

Academic Notes

College Research and Poster Project

Project Research Page *

College Poster Rubric *

Senior Brag Sheet

Resume Data Collection Sheet

Texas Workforce Commission 


Argumentation and Pat Tillman Unit

Argumentation Notes

Persuasive Notes

Rhetorical Triangle Notes

Funnel Lead

Thesis frame

Providing Context for a Quote

Essay Rubric

Embedding Quotes

Sample Intro and Body Paragraph

Final Essay Highlight Directions

Tillman Data Collection Chart

Internal Documentation

Sample Works Cited

Sample MLA Heading

Is Morality Natural Article

People/Issue List

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man (Reid)

Pat Tillman: Hero or Wasted Life? (Sudborough)

Pat Tillman Biography

Where Men Win Glory (Krakauer)

SI Article: "Remember His Name" Link

SI Article/Video: "Spirit of Pat Tillman Lives on" Link

NFL Network's Video "Pat Tillman: A Football Life"

"Enduring Guilt" ESPN article from the shooter's viewpoint.

A Case of Fratricide: Who Killed Pat Tillman?




Beowulf Notes

Anglo-Saxon Notes

Beowulf Literary Device Grid

Character Trait Evidence Collection Sample

Character Trait Evidence Collection

Integrating quotes: Beowulf

Viking Ship and Celtic Crosses from the Isle of Man

 Beowulf Rafel Translation

Beowulf Graphic Novel Project

Treasures of the Anglo-Saxons

Old English Wordhord Incredible site with thousands of Old English words, their spellings and definitions!


The Coming of Beowulf

The Battle with Grendel

The Battle with Grendel's Mother

Study Suggestions for the Beowulf Test


Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tale Notes

Canterbury "Prologue", "Wife of Bath", "Pardoner's Tale" Question Guide

Character chart

Pilgrim Project

Pilgrim Chart Filled In

Canterbury Tales Prologue Coghill Translation

The Wife of Bath's Tale Coghill Translation

The Pardoner's Tale and Prologue Coghill Translation

The Nun's Priest's Tale and Prologue Coghill Translation

The Nun's Priest's Tale Questions

Audio for "Prologue"

Audio for "Pardoner's Tale"

Audio for "Wife of Bath's Tale"

Kahoot Test Review

    King Arthur

King Arthur PowerPoint

King Arthur A&E Questions

King Arthur A&E Video

Questions for A Knight's Tale

 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Translated by W.W. Neilson


Final Exam Review


Hamlet PowerPoint Notes

Shakespeare Background Video

Theme Grid Hamlet

Theme Grid Example

Theme Grid Issues

Soliloquy Questions

"To Be or Not to Be" Not a Soliloquy?

Hamlet WebQuest

Hamlet Text

Act I Summary

Audio for Hamlet

Hamlet Summaries 


Brave New World

Dystopia Notes

Brave New World Notes

Chapter Summaries

Brave New World Online Book

Quizlet Allusions in BNW

BNW Audio

BNW Audio (Same as used in class)

Caste Game Instructions

100 Things Instructions

100 Things Check List


Pride and Prejudice

We are watching the 2005 version staring Keira Knightley and Matthew Mcfadyen.  If you are absent, you can rent this version from Amazon or YouTube for about $4.

Background Questions

Character List

Pride and Prejudice Summary

Link to YouTube of P&P

Tasks There are many tasks in this PDF. We are doing Screen Shots, Romantic Genre, and Themes.

Final Exam Review
Keep Calm and Read British Literature


Course Description--

The focus of this course is communication in all forms:  writing, reading, speaking, and listening.  The curriculum is designed for students who plan to enter the workforce, either after attending a college, university or technical/vocational school or immediately after graduation.  Throughout the year, we will read a variety of major works including Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales and Macbeth.

English IV Overview

Tutoring/Make-up: Tues. and Thurs. after school - Students should sign up on the board in my room. Students who have late arrival or early release may come in during 1st or 8th if they let me know in advance.

Major Grades will count 60% of a student's six weeks grade. Daily Grades will be 40%. Quizzes will be weighted twice in the daily category.

Late Work Policy: Late work will not be accepted for full credit. Late is any time after the assignment is collected by the teacher. One day late = -20; two days late = -40. Work will not be accepted late after the two day mark.

Salem Witch Trial
A picture of the Declaration of Independence
picture of mountains and trees and a pond. The words American Romanticism are written across the top.
Picture of a medieval castle and the words Dark Romanticism
Don't believe what your eyes tell you, all they show is limitation. Look with your understanding.
cover of an old Emily Dickinson book of poetry. Plain cover with a flower.
Book cover for The Great Gatsby
Of Mice and Men book cover

Academic Terms

Online Textbook

Students have accounts in this format:

UN:  misd123456 (id #) 

PW: s123456 (id #)

Class Code:

L0W43AUv - Set up an account.

Academic Terms PowerPoint

Crucible/Puritans/Salem Witch Trial 

Puritan PowerPoint Notes

Fact versus Fiction in the Crucible

Character Map Crucible

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Ethos Pathos Logos

Crucible Characters

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Audio

Crucible Notes

Crucible Audio

Character Post-Mortem Project

Project Grading Rubric

Post-Mortem Writing Sample

Sample 2 Student Writing

Post Mortem Quote Gathering Packet

Crucible Text

Test Focus Suggestions

Crucible Act I and II Questions

Crucible Act III and IV Questions

Kahoot Review for Test

Crossword Answers


Age of Reason

Rhetoric and Patrick Henry Notes

Parallel Structure Notes

Ethos Pathos Logos Notes

Ethos Pathos Logos Practice

Rhetorical Terms

"Speech to the Second Virginia Convention" Annotated

Franklin's Aphorisms

Aphorism Project

Aphorism Project PowerPoint Example

Declaration and Jefferson Notes

Declaration of Independence Questions

Declaration Video

Parallel Structure

Franklin Video Documentary

Franklin Autobiography Questions

Suggested Study Items for Unit Test

Rhetoric Test Kahoot

Romanticism/Dark Romanticism

Romanticism, Dark Romanticism and Transcendentalism Notes

Grimm/Irving Notes

Romanticism Background Reading

"Bearskin" Video

"Bearskin" Questions

"Devil and Tom Walker" Text

"Devil and Tom Walker" Questions

"Devil and Tom Walker" Audio

"Devil and Tom Walker" Paragraph Example

"Bearskin" Romanticism Device Statements and Paragraph Example

Poe Documentary Questions

Poe Video

"Black Cat" Reading

"Black Cat"

"Black Cat" Audio

Annotated "The Birthmark"

"The Birthmark" Audio

Kahoot for Romanticism/Dark Romanticism Test

Pit and the Pendulum Audio

Pit and the Pendulum Text 

The Minister's Black Veil Audio

The Minister's Black Veil Text

*Fall Final Exam Review*


Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Transcendentalism Notes

Notes Test Kahoot 

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Reading Journal

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Questions

Jonathan Livingston Seagull audio

Johnathan Livingston Seagull Text

"Nature" and "Self-Reliance" Answer Example

"Nature" and Self-Reliance" Questions

Transcendental Test Review Topics

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Project Rubric

Jonathan/Transcendental Test Kahoot

A Kahoot review is NOT intended to replace studying your notes etc. for the test. 


Simple, Compound, Complex Notes


Fragments and Run-ons

Emily Dickinson

Dickinson/Poetry Notes

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Audio

The Great Gatsby Online Text

F.Scott Fitzgerald Biography Video

Fitzgerald Video for 2020

Gatsby notes

Gatsby Background Reading

Gatsby Background Reading Questions

Gatsby Research PowerPoint Examples

Research Rubric

Gatsby Research Instructions

Gatsby 100 Things

Gatsby 100 Things Check List

Summary and Analysis help at Lit Charts

Book Summary

Compare/Contrast Gatsby Activity

Mrs. LaBruyere's Presentation

In complete sentences, write 10 things that you learned from Mrs. Labruyere's Presentation.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Spanish

On line text for Of Mice and Men

Audiobook Of Mice and Men

Reading Questions

Steinbeck and Of Mice and Men Notes

Spring Final Exam Review

Picture of books with the words, American Literature

English III Overview

Scope and Sequence

Tutoring/Make-up: Tues. and Thurs. after school - Students should sign up on the board in my room. Students who have late arrival or early release may come in during 1st or 8th if they let me know in advance.

Major Grades will count 60% of a student's six weeks grade. Daily Grades will be 40%. Quizzes will be weighted twice in the daily category.

Late Work Policy: Late work will not be accepted for full credit. Late is any time after the assignment is collected by the teacher. One day late = -20; two days late = -40. Work will not be accepted late after the two day mark.

Please see my Distance Learning Tab.

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