Conference Period: 4th-1:03 PM-2:40 PM

2020-2021 Class Schedule:

Period 1 Principle of Health Science

Google Classroom Code: bkvonwy


Period 2  Pathophysiology

Google Classroom Code:  aifsavs


Period 3  Principles of Health Science

Google Classroom Code:  yis6nsi


Period 5  Principles of Health Science

Google Classroom Code:  nu6mqgs


Period 6  Pharmacology

Google Classroom Code:  llwrktb


Period 7  Principles of Health Science

Google Classroom Code:  pnk65ln


Period 8  Principles of Health Science

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My name is Deena Stanger and I will be teaching with the Health Science team.  I have worked in the educational field for 21 years in different districts and I am also a Registered Nurse.  I am proud to be part of the great team here at Lake Creek High School.  I feel very fortunate to work with many outstanding teachers.  I have 2 children, my oldest daughter is Kylie, she is married and lives with her husband and their son in Woodforest and my youngest daughter, Aubree is a junior in high school.  My mischievous miniature dachshund Bella gets into everything you can imagine and then more.  I enjoy outdoor activities and love the water.  I am a big Ohio State fan. (I am from Ohio)  I love hockey and baseball as well.  I am very eager about meeting new students and getting to know them.  I am passionate about teaching, especially in a career that has been so good to me.   I feel this will be a great school year and the best!!  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.  My email is available to the left and on the school website.  

Classroom Rules

Grading policy—60% Test/Projects (Major Grades), 40% daily assignments/Quizzes (minor grades)


Late Policy:  1st day (-20 points)

                       2nd day (-10 points)

                       3rd day (-10 points)

No late work accepted after 4th day unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.

Retest Policy-Retests and test corrections are at teacher discretion.  Re-instruction and/or tutorials must have taken prior to retest.

Absent Policy-If you have been absent see me on the day you return to class to see what you have missed.  I will give you an adjusted due date for assignments.

Cell Phone Policy-No cell phone use during class discussion time.  If I am lecturing, I do not want to see cell phone or ear buds or any electronic devices in use. 

                        1st Offense-warning

                        2nd Offense-phone taken and sent to AP office

There are many occasions where I will allow you to use your phone on school projects, but off task behavior such as watching Netflix, YouTube, texting or going to social media sites is never allowed.

Seating Assignments-I have my classroom arranged in groups because we do a lot of group projects. I allow you to collaborate with your group on most daily assignments.  I believe that the social aspect of school is important. I want you to enjoy coming to class and be able to sit with and interact with your friends. Please remember---sitting where you want is a Privilege and not a Right!  If you abuse this privilege by not working well together or talking at inappropriate times you will be moved.  Please sit in your assigned seat every day.  I take attendance by seating char.

Turning in Assignments-Please turn in all assignments on or before the due date in the file folder designated for your class period.  Please put first, last name on all work as well as your class period.  Place in the appropriate folder for your period.

Tutorials-Every Monday and Wednesday 2:40-3:30.  I am flexible with tutorial times and can schedule a tutorial appointment at a different time if needed.  Please make arrangements with me.


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