Ms. Emily Mowry, M.Ed.

Science Teacher & Interact Sponsor


Room B2108


Phone: (936) 276-2001 EXT: 85573


Conference: 7:20-8:05am (1st)

Tutoring: MW 2:45-3:30pm & TR 6:45-7:15am


Calendar Legend:

       Advanced Biology - Green

       Environmental Systems - Blue

Lake Creek High School Lions
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


I'm thrilled to be starting my sixth year of teaching and my first year of teaching at Lake Creek High School. GO LIONS! This year I will be teaching Advanced Biology and Environmental Systems.


Let me give you a little background about myself. I grew up in The Woodlands and graduated from The Woodlands High School in 1999. I was most passionate about medicine and music in school, so I packed my bags for Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University. After earning my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering, I spent the next decade working in biomedical research and healthcare architectural planning. After the housing market crash, I found myself in a career transition wondering what to do next.  My search eventually led me back to Vanderbilt for my M.Ed. in Learning and Instruction. I received an offer to pilot AP Biology in a small private school in Savannah, GA after two years of teaching in TN. After my third year in GA, homesickness caught up with me and I've finally arrived to the great state of Texas after a long vacation!


I love my work as a teacher and enjoy designing thoughtful activities to engage students in learning skills to solve real-world biological problems. In addition to teaching, I am also the faculty sponsor for Interact at LCHS, a wonderful club that believes in "Service before Self". My classroom motto is "Speak Life", as the Latin root word bio translates "life". I believe in creating a classroom culture where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas verbally in a class discussion model and apply their learning in group projects. Science is highly collaborative and requires good communication skills, not just discovery of information to apply in isolation.

When I'm not hard at work in school, I'm usually singing (professional or at church), serving with Rotary, researching family genealogy or chilling with my sweet fuzzy friend Bon-Bon.

This is Emily Mowry

Daily Schedule
1st (7:20-8:05)       CONFERENCE
2nd (8:11-8:56)      Advanced Biology   
3rd (9:02-9:53)       PLC
4th (9:59-10:44)     Environmental Systems
5th (10:50-12:07)   Advanced Biology
6th (12:13-12:58)   Advanced Biology
7th (1:04-1:49)       Advanced Biology
8th (1:55-2:40)       Advanced Biology


Tutoring Schedule
Mondays and Wednesdays    2:45-3:30pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays       6:45-7:15am

This is Bon-Bon Mowry
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Advanced Biology is a course designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement® (AP) Biology course. This lab-oriented class is designed to provide an introduction to biological topics stressed in the AP® course. Students will learn process skills involved in scientific problem solving which will allow them to become self-starters and independent workers in the AP® course. Areas stressed will be cellular and molecular biology, environmental biology, and phylogeny. All laboratory exercises are designed to reinforce concepts and process skills. This course differs from the level class in pace, depth of laboratory analysis and application of mathematical modeling.


Welcome to Advanced Biology

Class Contract

Lab Safety Contract

Acknowledgement of Lab Safety Contract

Greek and Latin Root Words

Unit 1 Notes: Lab Safety & Scientific Method

Unit 1 Study Guide

Unit 2 Notes: Biochemistry

Unit 2 Study Guide

Unit 3 Notes: Cells & Cell Transport

Unit 3 Study Guide

Units 4 & 5 Notes: Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis

Units 4 & 5 Study Guide

Unit 6 Notes: DNA & Cell Cycle

Genetic Disease Project Rubric

Unit 6 Study Guide

Tech Know Curing Cancer Video

Unit 7 Notes: Protein Synthesis

Unit 7 Study Guide

Semester 1 Exam Review Packet

Unit 8 Notes: Genetics

Unit 8 Study Guide

Unit 8 Review Practice

Punnett Square Mashup

Punnett Square Mashup Key

Unit 9 Notes: Evolution

Unit 9 Study Guide

Evolution Review Key (Level)

Unit 10 Notes: Ecology

Unit 10 Study Guide

Interpreting a Food Web Key

Unit 11 Notes: Classification

Unit 11 Study Guide

Taxonomy Review Key (Level)


Environmental Systems will cover major environmental topics such as acid rain, biodiversity, climate change, energy, the atmosphere, water, soil, human populations and pollution. Because this is a science class, it will also have a laboratory component to help master these topics. Labs also allow you, the student, to learn more about the environment through first-hand observation.


Welcome to Environmental Systems

Class Contract

Lab Safety Contract

Acknowledgement of Lab Safety Contract

Unit 1 Notes: Safety & Intro to Environmental Science

Unit 1 Study Guide

Unit 2 Notes: Ecosystem Dynamics

Unit 2 Study Guide

Unit 3 Notes: Population Dynamics

Unit 3 Study Guide

Unit 4 Notes: Earth Dynamics

Unit 4 Study Guide

Unit 5 Notes: Agricultural Resources

Unit 5 Study Guide

Unit 6 Notes: Water & Air Resources

Unit 6 Study Guide

Unit 7 Notes: Pollution

Unit 7 Study Guide

Unit 8 Notes: Toxicology

Unit 8 Study Guide

Unit 9 Nonrenewable Energy

Unit 9 Study Guide


Advanced Biology

STEMscopes Login

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        Password: password1

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Unit 12 Microbiology Notes

LCHS Advanced Biology Online Introduction Video (3/21/2020

Mowry Viruses 1 Video (3/25/2020)

Mowry Viruses 2 Video (3/26/2020)

2nd Period COVID-19 Discussion (3/27/2020)

5th Period COVID-19 Discussion (3/27/2020)

6th Period COVID-19 Discussion (3/27/2020)

7th Period COVID-19 Discussion (3/27/2020)

8th Period COVID-19 Discussion (3/27/2020)

Mowry Bacteria 1 Video (3/30/2020)

Mowry Bacteria 2 Video (3/31/2020)

2nd Period Biotechnology Discussion (4/1/2020)

5th Period Biotechnology Discussion (4/1/2020)

6th Period Biotechnology Discussion (4/1/2020)

7th Period Biotechnology Discussion (4/1/2020)

8th Period Biotechnology Discussion (4/1/2020)

Unit 14 Plants Notes

Mowry Plant Classification 1 Video (4/6/2020)

Mowry Plant Classification 2 Video (4/7/2020)

2nd Period Plant Communication Discussion (4/8/2020)

5th Period Plant Communication Discussion (4/8/2020)

6th Period Plant Communication Discussion (4/8/2020)

7th Period Plant Communication Discussion (4/8/2020)

8th Period Plant Communication Discussion (4/8/2020)

Mowry Plant Roots and Stems Video (4/13/2020)

Mowry Plant Leaves Video (4/14/2020)


Environmental Systems

Google Classroom Login

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        Password: MISD student email with capital "S" (ex.

        Student will be prompted to change password after first time login

Unit 10 Renewable Energy

LCHS Environmental Systems Online Instruction Video (3/21/2020)

COVID-19 Class Discussion (3/27/2020)

Unit 11 Urbanization & Sustainable Design

Mowry Urbanization Trends 1 Video (3/30/2020)

Mowry Urbanization Trends 2 Video (4/2/2020)

Future of Cities Discussion (4/1/2020)

Mowry Urban Transportation Video (4/6/2020)



Biology EOC Tutorials

(opens external link in new window)

STAAR RELEASED TEST QUESTIONS(opens external link in new window)

Biochemistry Module(opens PDF document)

Biochemistry Questions(opens PDF document)

Cell Cycle Module(opens PDF document)

Cell Cycle Questions(opens PDF document)

Cell Processes Module(opens PDF document)

Cell Processes Questions(opens PDF document)

Genetics Module(opens PDF document)

Genetics Questions(opens PDF document)

Protein Synthesis Module(opens PDF document)

Protein Synthesis Questions(opens PDF document)

Evolution Module(opens PDF document)

Evolution Questions(opens PDF document)

Taxonomy Module(opens PDF document)

Taxonomy Questions(opens PDF document)

Ecology Module(opens PDF document)

Ecology Questions(opens PDF document)

Systems Module(opens PDF document)

Systems Questions


Video Tutorials

Amoeba Sisters Biology Learning Playlist

Khan Academy Biology Course

Bozeman - All Sciences(opens external link in new window)

Crash Course - All Sciences(opens external link in new window)