Gabriel Jiménez

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Phone: (936) 276-4000 ext. 85619


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Gabriel Jimenez was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He is the second oldest of six siblings. He attended college at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida where he earned a Master of Science in Curriculum Design and Instruction.

Mr. Jimenez has been teaching Spanish for over five years. His previous positions include 8th grade Spanish teacher at Magnolia Junior High School, Spanish adjunct at Florida State University, and summer camp mentor and instructor in the Peruvian Amazon of Iquitos, Peru.

He also worked for The Mouse at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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-A maximum grade of 80%- late within a 48 hour period - no late work will be accepted after 48 hours. All late work submitted after the 48 hour period will be put in Gradebook with a grade of zero.


-Students must contact Mr. Jiménez via email ( after turning in any late work (within the 48 hour window policy).


-The email must include their name, class period, and the specific name of the assignment.