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Holly Muehe

Room: B2412

Basic English Teacher Grades 9-12

Co-Teacher: English Grades 11-12


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     Phone: (936) 276-2001 ext. 85574

Tutoring Schedule: 2:45-3:30 by appointment

Holly Muehe

Holly Muehe      Holly Muehe

Holly Muehe


Welcome to Mrs. Muehe's Classes!

           Hello! My name is Holly Muehe (rhymes with Chewy) and this is my 11th year teaching and my very first year as a Lake Creek Lion!  This year I am thrilled to be teaching all levels of Basic English and co-teaching in English III & IV.  I am certified as an ELA teacher grades 8-12, Special Education teacher grades pk-12 and have endorsements in Dyslexia and ESL.

          I grew up and went to college just outside NYC but have been a Texan for nearly 20 years now! My husband and I moved to Montgomery because of the small town vibe and the excellent schools and now it is a dream come true to be part of the Lake Creek family!  Our daughter is a 9th grader at Lake Creek and is in the marching band.  We have 3 Australian Shepherds that make us laugh, like to play ball and snuggle on the couch with us in the evenings.  I am proud to be a 4 time cancer survivor and my difficult journey has made me appreciate the small moments, live for today (but plan for tomorrow) and to not sweat the small stuff! 

       I earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Montclair State University in New Jersey and have been a professional horse trainer for more than 25 years.   I enjoy reading novels, viewing wildlife and photography.

Students will spend the year working on their writing and reading skills that will help them in the "real world." While this may be a challenging year for students, it will also be rewarding.  


Tests will occur on Mondays and Thursdays

My Schedule

1st Period


Basic English II

2nd Period



3rd Period


Co-teach Eng III

4th Period


Basic English III/IV

5th Period

10:50- 12:07

Co-teach Eng IV

6th Period

12:13- 12:58

Basic English I

7th Period

1:04- 1:49

Basic English III/IV

8th Period

1:55- 2:40

Co-teach Eng III


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July 2020
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2019/2020 Basic English I & II

Note: This is just a basic outline and not everything students will be learning this year!

Reading Writing
1st Cycle Genre: Fiction Writing sample
Intro to genres Journal writing (10 mins/day all year)
Literacy testing Dictionary skills
"The Most Dangerous Game" unit Fiction writing
2nd Cycle Genre: Nonfiction/Informational TEXAS Style writing
Paired passages with fiction/nonfiction *** Writing a strong topic/thesis statement
Nonfiction writing
3rd Cycle Genre: Poetry & Drama Poetry writing
Review for Fall Finals
4th Cycle Genre:Persuasive/Argumentative E1-- Expository writing
Paired Passages  E2- Persuasive writing
5th Cycle REVIEW all skills learned for STAAR
Research: Reading Research: Writing
6th Cycle Research: Reading Research: Writing
Presentations----------------------------> -------------------------->
Reader's Theater Production and/or novel study

2019/2020 Basic English 3 & 4

This is an overview of material that may be covered this year and is not a comprehensive list.

Reading Writing
1st Cycle Getting to know you Writing sample
Aug. 15-Sept. 20 Intro Fiction and Nonfiction and genres Journal writing (10 mins/day all year)
Literacy testing
Novel Study- "Night"  
2nd Cycle Eng. 3-- Puritanism and Rationalism and Romanticism (Bradford/Franklin/Irving) Common Errors
Sept. 23-Nov. 1 Eng. 4--Old English/Medieval (Beowulf/Chaucer) Short Story Writing
Edgar Allan Poe Unit
3rd Cycle Eng. 3- Transcendentalism (Thoreau) Common Errors
Nov. 4-Dec. 19 Eng. 4- Renaissance (Shakespeare- King Lear or Macbeth) Gathering information
Review for Finals Mini-Research project
4th Cycle Eng. 3- Realism (TBD) Common Errors
Jan. 7-Feb. 13 Eng. 4- Neoclassical and Romantic (poetry) Poetry
5th Cycle Eng. 3- Modernism (Hansberry) Common Errors
Feb. 18-April 3 Eng. 4- Victorian (TBD)  
6th Cycle Eng. 3- Harlem Renaissance/Contemporary (TBD) Common Errors
April 6-May 21 Eng. 4- Modern (TBD) Research Project


**Please note: Reading and Writing will also include real-world applications such as reading various labels and forms and filling out job applications.

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The password is your normal school computer password

Link (opens external link in new window) to TEA STAAR Resources

 Decorah Eagle Live Webcam


Common Lit                                        CODE IS:      7EZG93


UPDATE from April 6, 2020

There have been some changes to the grading and work policy for the Distance Learning Model that LCHS is using.
Assignments will be given on Wednesdays and the students have until the following Tuesday to complete them.
 I will assign 2 assignments on each Wednesday that will be graded as a pass/fail.  If the student does their best on the assignments, they pass.  If they chose NOT to do the assignments, they get an incomplete which is a fail and if they get incompletes, then they have a chance of not getting their credit for the Spring Semester and will have to repeat this semester again.  
Students have the whole week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday to complete the two assignments.  
I am still requesting that students all read 20 min per day and send me an update on what they read, but this is not going to be graded.  I highly encourage you to all get in the habit of reading, it makes us all smarter and can transport us outside of our 4 walls to incredible places!
If ANYONE needs help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!  We will figure this out together!
Since I am taking assignments down from 5 a week to 2 a week, if students "want" more work, please email me and I will set up assignments that kids can work on just for "fun".
Thank you for helping out your kiddos, I truly miss them all so much!
Stay healthy!
Mrs. Holly Muehe





Hello students!!  If you are in my Basic ELA classes, you will find log in information here but you need to go to my calendar to view what your schedule is for the week.    This is going to be a very different few weeks, but we can and will get through it together!  The best way to communicate with me is by my email which I will respond within 24 hours of receiving yours.

On my calendar...YELLOW is 9th graders.  BLUE is everyone else.  


In addition, all students MUST choose a novel ( you can chose one you have at home or google Free ONLINE BOOKS for STUDENTS) and there should be plenty to download.  Each day you are to read 20 minutes of your book and EVERYDAY send me a paragraph describing in detail what you read.  Make me understand what is going on in the book each day.


  All co-teach classes will need to follow the calendar of the lead teacher, and email me with any and all questions.  Co-teach kiddos can email, zoom, or call me with any questions.  I am here to help you any way I can!


Common Lit                                        CODE IS:      7EZG93

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