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Mrs. Whorton


Campus phone:  (936)276-3300

Voice-mail:  ext. 81385

Conference:  10:00-10:40am

Twitter:  @MJHBearsPLTW

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Students using computers


I am looking forward to the new 2019-2020 school year, and hope all of my students will join me in this excitement!  


I hope you enjoy one of my 3 technology classes:  PLTW Gateway to Computer Science, 6th Grade Technology Exploration, and Intro to Audio/Video Production.


Let's have a great year together!



7:20 - 7:27   CNN Student News

7:27 - 8:12   PLTW Gateway to Computer Science

8:16 - 9:01   PLTW Gateway to Computer Science

9:05 - 9:52   Intro to Audio/Video Production

9:56 - 10:41  Conference

10:45 - 12:13  Lunch & Other Duties

12:17 - 1:02  6th Grade Technology Exploration

1:06 - 1:51    PLTW Gateway to Computer Science

1:55 - 2:40    PLTW Gateway to Computer Science

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November 2019
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Technology Exploration is a 6-week course offered to 6th graders that will introduce them to computer science.  This course will help students learn about computers and other technology skills, which are valuable tools to have throughout their education and workplace experience. 


This is not a keyboarding class, however, students will have the opportunity to practice keyboarding skills in order to improve their speed and accuracy.  Using project based learning, students will learn Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.  Students will also learn about digital citizenship, coding, and IT careers.


Keyboarding Lessons
To improve keyboarding speed and accuracy, we will use online keyboarding tutorials at



Week 1:  Class procedures, keyboarding techniques

Week 2:  Computer & Windows terms, input and output devices

Week 3:  Digital Citizenship, Microsoft PowerPoint

Week 4:  Microsoft Word, MLA Reports

Week 5:  Microsoft Excel

Week 6:  Coding

Logo for Project Lead The Way

PLTW - Gateway  to Computer Science
Gateway to Computer Science is a semester course which introduces students to the field of computer science and computational thinking, in order to solve real world problems.  This course is a starting point for the Project Lead the Way Computer Science path at Montgomery High School. 


The first nine weeks will be the PLTW "Computer Science for Innovators and Makers" course, which blends hardware design with software development to create physical computing devices.  Students are challenged to creatively use micro-controllers, sensors, and actuators to make devices that interact with their environment.  Students will work in teams to select and solve a personally relevant problem related to wearable technology, interactive art, or mechanical devices.


The second nine weeks will be the PLTW "App Creators" course, which introduces students to the creation of mobile apps using MIT App Inventor.  Students are challenged to be creative and innovative, as they design and develop mobile solutions to authentic problems.  


Project Lead the Way

Students will be accessing PLTW website to get their assignments and any resources that are needed to complete their work.  Click here to login to


Microsoft MakeCode

This Microsoft MakeCode website provides a block-based coding environment to create downloadable programs for the micro:bit micro-controller board.  Click here to access Microsoft MakeCode.


MIT App Inventor

The MIT App Inventor will be used to create mobile applications for Android devices.  All students are required to have a personal e-mail account, such as Gmail, to access this program.  Click here to login to the MIT App Inventor:


Remind 101

Remind is a great way to get notifications by text message about this class.  Join the group by clicking the link, or follow these simple directions. 



1st Six Weeks

  • Discover how computer science is used to solve problems
  • Practice algorithmic thinking to break down tasks
  • Utilize a micro-controller with inputs and outputs
  • Write code to control the actions of a physical device
  • Learn flow-charting and debugging techniques

2nd Six Weeks

  • Work within a team to create a physical device for a specific purpose
  • Learn to write code for a mobile device using MIT App Inventor
  • Download software and test mobile applications
  • Write computer code to create a game for a mobile device

3rd Six Weeks

  • Work in a team to create mobile applications for specific purposes
Photo of student using video camera.

Audio/Video Production - "Bear Buzz" news
Students will learn and apply the fundamentals of audio/video production including the techniques and aesthetics of shooting, lighting, and editing for movie production.  Emphasis is on hands-on production of the weekly news program called "Bear Buzz" which is played for all students every Friday morning.


Parents and students are invited to share content for this news program.  If you would like to contribute photos or video, please send via email to:


This is a one-semester course that is offered to 7th and 8th graders.  An application form is required and students must have teacher approval to participate. 


Keyboarding Practice
Students are encouraged to practice their keyboarding tutorials at home in order to improve speed and accuracy.  This is the same website that is used in the classroom:

Keyboarding games
Additionally, there are websites that can bring more fun into keyboarding practice:
Online typing games:
More online games:
Only typing games:
Upbeat typing game:


Cybersecurity website:
Interactive Cybersecurity Lesson:  Discovery Education


Study for my tests and quizes

There are usually "study sets" available for my quizzes and tests:
Computer Parts
Windows Vocab


Learn how to code
In our class, we will spend some time learning to code in computer programming languages.  We will be participating in a world-wide "Hour of Code" event the week of Dec. 7th 2015.  We will use a website that introduces coding to students.  Click here to go to the "Hour of Code" website

For more advanced coding fun, click here to use Scratch


Learn binary code using this online Binary Game.


Online Google form to Practice UIL Spelling.

Photo of Mrs. Whorton

This is my 16th year to teach technology courses for middle school students.  I am delighted to be teaching at one of the state's top school districts, in the community that I love. 

I graduated from Texas State University with a business degree in Computer Information Systems.  I worked downtown Houston for 15 years as a computer analyst, before finding my real love, working with wonderful young adults.  I have 3 children, two that have already graduated from Montgomery High School, and my youngest son, Jacob, is a senior at Montgomery High School this year.  


I love technology and try to share this excitement with all of my students.  As an educator, it is my desire to ignite a fire in my students so they are excited to learn because of their own curiosity and personal growth.  I will try to prepare students to be life-long learners.  I am a big fan of project-based learning, so many of my assignments involve working as a team to solve real-life problems.    

Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.