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Your Senior Year is an exciting time.  What a great school to attend and be a senior-- Montgomery High School.  Below we have different activities you need to take care of or be apart of to complete your senior year. 


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Mr. Golden Bear is Here!!!

MHS Senior 2017 Class is hosting the Mr. Montgomery Bear Pageant on January 28th 7:00pm in the Auditorium (doors open at 6:40pm).

Yes a pageant with our young senior men.  They will show off a group talent and wear their best in formal wear.  They even have to answer a pageant question.  The night is lots of fun for the audience and participates.  If you are interested in participating in the pageant (must be a senior at MHS) or sponsoring a participant contact Mrs. Biesiada (ext. 80857 or email mbeisada@misd.org), Mrs. Rees (ext. 83743 or email brees1@misd.org), or Mrs. Szymczak (ext.80514 or email tszymczak@misd.org).

School phone number 936-276-3000

Our goal this year is to raise $18,000. This will allow EVERY Montgomery SENIOR to attend prom for $25. Sponsors can be families, friends, businesses, or groups.

More Information to come.






Scholarship Opportunities

Counselor's Corner has information on available scholarships and financial aide.  Deadlines have come and gone on some.  Other scholarship opportunities have been added.  Add checking the Counselor's Corner to your weekly to do list!
Scholarship Opportunities Information






Panoramic Picture Date is April 4th at 7:00am.


                            You will place your order on April 5th and pick up is April 6th during all lunches.                                        
Line up is at 6:45am

Picture Package Pricing

$25.00 - Large Laminated Panoramic

$35.00 - Large Laminated Panoramic & one Medium Panoramic

$45.00 - Large Laminated Panoramic, one Medium Panoramic, and one Medium '17 Formation

Goldbeck accepts cash, check, or money order. Make checks payable to "Goldbeck Company".  Please include phone number on all checks.

                   To order
after order pick up go online to www.goldbeckcompany.com

Goldbeck Company

4407 Center Gate

San Antonio, Tx 78217



K-12 picture for the yearbook is for students who have been in Montgomery Schools      
from Kindergarten thru 12th grade is after the Panoramic Picture. This picture is for the yearbook only.



Cap & Gown Delivery
Pick up in all lunches Wednesday May 10th.  
If you have not ordered your gown you will need to buy one quickly!  





Junior and Senior Prom

May 13th, 2017


The Woodlands Marriott     
1601 Lake Robbins Dr.    
The Woodlands, Tx 77380    

The theme this year has not been given out so TBA.  Prom will be held at The Woodlands Marriott on Saturday, May 13th, from 8:00pm until midnight.  This is a formal affair, however, if a boy does not desire to wear a tux, he may wear a suit and tie. Prom tickets will be sold from April 24th - May 11thYou may purchase tickets April 24th - May 7th online only at myschoolbucks for $85 each. Online payments can be made with a credit card or electronic check.  Tickets can be purchased at lunches only from May 8th - May 11th at a cost of $90 cash only each. Prom tickets will NOT be sold before or after school. Juniors and Seniors planning to attend prom must purchase tickets by May 11th.  Refreshments and soft drinks will be served at prom.  Pictures will be taken by ImaginLight Photography and they will offer several packages.

The announcement of Senior Personalities and coronation of the prom king and queen will be at 11:00pm. Please plan your evening accordingly so you will not miss this event.

The Woodlands Marriott requires students to keep shoes on at all times.  Please plan on wearing comfortable shoes during the event.

Each Montgomery High School 11th or 12th grade student may bring 1 guest.
All guests must be accompanied with student ticket purchaser to enter.
No exchanges






NHS Collaring and Senior Scholars Night

                                  NHS Collaring ceremony  will precede the scholars ceremony beginning at 5:30pm.

Senior Scholars Night is scheduled for May 15th.  A reception will take place in the Montgomery High School Cafeteria at 6:00pm with the presentation of awards following at 6:30pm. in the Montgomery High School Auditorium.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any college scholarship award needs to be turned into the Guidance Office as soon as it is received. Written verification is necessary in order for students to be recognized.






Senior Week Activities
Graduation is Right around the corner!!!  Here are the activities for senior week.

Final Exams

TBA  Senior Check out Day (Main Cafeteria)
8:00am This is the day you request final transcripts, clear any unclears, check your name pronouncation for graduation.  This day is a must for all seniors. You will also receive the picture packet form. Have your textbooks turned in & unclears cleared by TBA.  Keeps the line moving! You must be clear to receive your diploma on graduation.

TBA Senior Breakfast and Graduation practice (Main cafeteria and gyms)
8:45 am is the Senior breakfast
9:15 am check in and graduation practice (Practice is a must for seniors to attend)

GRADUATION May 25th @ 6:30pm
6pm is check in for the graduates at Reed Arena in the auxillary gym.
Parents will need to turn in your picture packet form and money at the entrance.  There will be a table with ImagineLight personal to take up your order and money.





Graduation 2017

730 Olsen Blvd

College Station, Texas 77843

Graduation 2017 will be held on Thursday, May 25th @ 6:30pm in Reed Arena on the campus of Texas A&M University.

Montgomery High School graduation is a special ceremony for our students and community.  Fog horns, cowbells, silly string, beach balls, etc., are NOT appropriate for this kind of ceremony.  We want every parent/relative/friend in the audience to be able to hear their special student’s name being announced and awarded a diploma. 

All graduates must be in the Auxiliary gym in Reed Arena no later than 6:00pm for line-up and final instructions.  (The band, which consists of many seniors, will begin a short rehearsal at 5:30pm) DIPLOMAS will be given to the graduates after graduation.  They will receive them as they procession out of Reed Arena. Reed Arena will oprn for seating at 5:30pm.


A professional photographer from ImaginLight will be on duty to take pictures of all graduating seniors.  Picture packets will be given to students at the Senior Check out on TBA.  The packet with money/check will be collected at the Entrance to Reed Arena before and after graduation.

Guest Seating

Seating is on a first come basis.  No tickets are issued, as there is ample space available in Reed Arena.  Reed Arena will open the doors at 5:30pm for seating. Reservations are NOT available for seating. Please note that friends and family will NOT be allowed to "save seats" prior to the commencement ceremony inside Reed Arena. Handicap seating is on the top 3 rows around the arena.  Each member in party who will need a handicap seat may have one other member sit with them.  Please be respectful and follow this need.  We want all parent/relative/friend to be comfortable and safe.

Cap and Gown Etiquette

Students must be in dress code to participate in graduation ceremony.

Young men are to wear dress slacks a white shirt and a tie.  Shoes and socks must be worn with the gown (no flip-flops, tennis shoes or casual sandals).  Boys will NOT be allowed to walk with beards and/or stubble. Young ladies are to wear dresses, dress shoes and/or dress sandals that compliment the gown. DO NOT BRING A PURSE with you.  Students will not be allowed to walk with nose or lip piercings. When all seniors follow this pattern of dress, the class will look uniform in its caps and gowns, lending the proper dignity to the graduation ceremony.

Wear hats with mortarboard flat.  There are to be NO markings on the mortarboard.  Begin with tassel on the left side, move to right side when told to do so.  Boys will remove mortarboard during National Anthem, prayer and pledge; they will them replace mortarboard on head and fix tassel.  Girls do not remove hats. 

NO corsages, ribbons, pins, etc on gowns are allowed.

REMEMBER, this is a formal ceremony and we are guests of Reed Arena and are expected to respect their property. During the graduation exercises, mature conduct is expected. Please do not talk during the graduation exercises. The staff has worked hard to make this a dignified occasion, which will be a cherished memory for all participants and guests.


  All males must sign up for Selective Service upon the 18th birthday.  No federally funded financial aid will be awarded without this being done.


Reed Arena on Texas A&M University

730 Olsen Blvd

College Station, Texas 77843

Reed Arena is located on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  The arena is situated on the west side of the university campus, just off George Bush Drive on the corner of Olsen and Kimbrough Boulevards. 

From Montgomery, take 105 West; Turn Right onto TX-105 W / TX-6N; Merge onto TX-6 N via the ramp on the left.  Take the TX-6-BR exit on the left toward College Station and merge onto Texas Avenue S/TX-6 BR. N.  Turn left on George Bush Drive / FM 2347 W and right on Olsen.  Approximately 46 miles.


Reed Arena recommends to park in Lots 100a and 100b.
All lots require a $5 parking fee per vehicle

Reed Arena’s parking can be accessed from Kimbrough Boulevard, Chandler drive and Penberthy Street.

Senior Class Fundraiser - Earn Free Prom Tickets

Selling Trashbags
$15 for a roll of bags

August 5th to September 6th

Sell 10 rolls - sample free
Sell 20 rolls - Prom Ticket
Sell 35 rolls - Prom ticket for your guest

Click here for the Information sheet
Click here for the Order sheet

Money goes towards:
Senior Activities


Getting a Parking Space?? - Personalize it!!

Student Council is heading up a fundraiser that allows students for $25 to personalize their parking space by painting it with water based paint.  Start thinking of your (school appropriate) design. Student Council will be at senior summit and schedule pick with more information including paint dates.



Senior Class Rings

Did you order a senior class ring last year?  If not and you want to order Balfour will be here for the junior ring assembly, Thursday September 15th.  We will have the information available in Senior Office (Mrs. Miller's office B139) at the conclusion of the assembly.  There will be a parent night on TBA in the front foyer from 5pm until 7pm.   Come by Mrs. Miller's office (B139) if you need the information packet.


Cap and Gown Pictures

Cap and Gown pictures for the yearbook are taken by ImaginLight Photography.  You may make an appointment with ImaginLight at 936-756-4443.  You may take just cap & gown pictures or a have a complete sitting.  Call today to set up your appointment.   The company will be here at school October 26th and 27th for make-up pictures and anyone who was unable to take at the studio. This is when all students (unless you have already done them with ImagineLight), who are seniors or juniors who are graduating early, need to take their photo.


Graduation Announcements and Cap & Gown Orders

We have a student senior class assembly scheduled for October 27th with Balfour during 3rd period (9:00am).  Cap and gown as well as graduation announcement orders will be done during all lunches on TBA.  Students will receive a packet of information at the senior class assembly.

Our graduation Cap & Gowns are ordered through Balfour.

Contact information
phone 832-912-8000




Name Spelling Check for Your Diploma

It is that time of year!  We are getting ready to order your High School Diploma.  We are now heading to the finish line.  You need to check the spelling of your name so that it will be correct.  Your English teacher has the list of names.  Check yours to make sure it is correct.  If you do not have an English class on campus then come see Mrs. Teran in Mrs. Miller's office (B139).  We have a list there for you to check.  If you have any questions or concerns, come on by.  We are here to help! Deadline to check your name is Friday January 13th with your teacher and Friday the 20th with Mrs. Miller's office.





Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.