Kevin Spruill

World History

Asst. Women's Basketball

Head Women's Track & Field Coach

Room: B2404

Contact Me:

    Email: kevin.spruill@misd.org

    Phone:  936-276-4000 ext. 4184

Follow me on Twitter: @coachspruill

Conference: 7th Period

Google Classroom

1st: cyhn2oo

2nd: k2ivohn

3rd: om4bknq

4th: cb6ulrb (B-Ball)

5th: 7xjveui (Track)

6th: zbdguce

8th: k3qxc2p


I am excited to join the Lake Creek family! I am a native of Georgetown, TX and a graduate of Texas State University where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Sports Science with a Minor in Health Wellness Promotion. I'm moving from the Austin area where I spent most of my life. The majority of my career in education was spent in Georgetown. I taught AP Human Geography, World Geography, & Health during my tenure there. In Georgetown, I coached basketball, football, track, and ran the Summer Strength & Conditioning Program.  My final three years were at Georgetown HS as a Girls Basketball Varsity Assistant and Assistant Varsity Track. 

In 2019, I was at Lake Travis HS in Austin where I taught World and US History. I was the lead assistant for the Men's & Women's Track & Field program, a leader in FCA, & responsible for implementing our character development program. 

You can find me on Lake Conroe stand-up paddle boarding, at the gym, traveling (when we can again), or catching up with my favorite sports teams. I look forward to the opportunity to work with all of the students, athletes, staff, and community of Lake Creek!!! Go Lions!!!




Coach Spruill

1st: World History 

2nd: World History

3rd: World History 

4th: Varsity Women's Basketball

5th: Freshman Basketball/Track & Field 

6th: World History

7th: Conference

8th: World History 


Lake Creek HS

Teacher: Coach Spruill

Room B2404

Email: kevin.spruill@misd.org


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! This syllabus is simply an overview of what materials you will need, the classroom rules/procedures, and content to be covered this year. I hope that you will come to class, virtually or in person, with a willing and adventurous attitude. Please keep an open mind as we explore our World History. We will discover our connections with the people, places around the world that have affected our past, and will be an important part of our future. We are living through truly historic times as we speak!

Materials and Supplies: You need a black pen, pencil, and composition notebook. We do many graphic organizers and collaborative posters throughout the year. (Optional supplies you may want to keep at home are markers, map pencils, glue and white paper.)

Google Classroom:          Please be sure to find your Google Classroom code for your specific class period. They can be located on my website. I will also be giving them out during the first week of school. All of your information needed for your class will be provided on GC. This goes for virtual or in person learning.           

Attendance: We will discuss virtual attendance in an upcoming Google Meets session.

Classroom Rules: The school district lists rules in the student handbook which you must follow.  I have a set of rules to follow as well, in my teacher handbook.  Rules exist so that everyone is respected, and so we have a good and safe classroom environment. 

1) Be on time to class.  Being tardy is disruptive to the entire class.  If the door is shut, go and get a Tardy Pass.  You need to be in class to learn – passes will not be given to leave my class to go other places unrelated to our course (ie. Library, other teachers rooms to visit, etc.) I do understand things happen, and if there are unforeseen circumstances that caused you to be late we can discuss this after class.

2) Bring all of your materials and assignments to class every day.  Most assignments are due at the end of class; not having your supplies could cause you to turn in your assignments late.  If there is an assignment or project that last several days, you are expected to work on it during class time on days class time is given until complete. (You will not be allowed to just sit in class and tell me you are working on at home!)

3) Listen & Communicate.  We will all have our opportunities to communicate with one another. Please be respectful of yourself and your classmates.

4) Respect yourself and your fellow classmates.  Everyone wants to be treated with respect, so we will be respectful at all times even when opinions differ.  This also means that you are to respect furniture and objects in the classroom, which should not be moved without permission.  At no time should anything be used from my personal desk or shelves without asking, just as I would not remove an item from your backpack without asking.  You are not to touch or take other students’ items without their permission. 

5) Cell phones/ electronic devices.  Teacher Discretion.  I will decide on a daily basis if I am going to allow them or not.  There will be a red and green sign in the front of the room.  Red means no, Green means yes.  Failure to comply will result in them being taken up and/or disciplinary action.


Daily Procedures: Upon entrance to the classroom, check the board or smart board for the “warm up” directions and complete it within the first 5-7 minutes of class.   

Grades: Per district guidelines: Daily Grades (Formative) will be 40% of the average, and Test/Major Project (Summative) grades are 60%. I normally take a minimum of 6 daily/formative grades per report card and have a minimum of 3-4 major/summative grades. 

Late Work and Retests: See MISD and LCHS policy.

Tutorials: Tutoring is also available before/after school by appointment.  

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