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College & Career Secretary

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Colleges and Universities
  • Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of recommendation (LOR) are an important part of the college application process.  Each school will have their own procedure for submitting and deadlines for LORs.

    To get a letter of recommendation:

    1. Ask a teacher/counselor/sponsor/coach that has taught you in class or knows you well.
    2. Ask them at least ten calendar days prior to the deadline for submission.
    3. Provide them a list of your academic/extra-curricular/community/work accomplishments (see resources)
    4. Follow up by writing the person who writes the letter a thank you note.
  • Are you ready to apply to a Texas Public University? If so, click on Apply Texas.

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    Link to Apply Texas(opens external link in new window)



    Are you ready to apply to a private university or an out-of-state school?

    If so, click on The Common Application.


    Link to The Common Application

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    If your specific university is not found on either of the above websites, please go to the specific school's admission website to find out how to apply.  Many small schools have their own built-in application through their admissions website.