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College & Career Secretary

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Lone Star College
  • Dual Credit courses may take the place of some of your required high school courses and also will earn you college credit.  This credit can be applied toward a college degree or a vocational certification, depending on the course.  Some of these courses receive AP/DC weighting in the GPA.  To explore dual credit through MHS visit the Lone Star Dual Credit website.

    Lone Star College dual credit courses are offered tuition free which is a substantial discount from regular college courses. There are fees associated with the course and you may be asked to pay for textbooks associated with the course.  

    Some of the classes are taught on campus at MHS, some are online, and others are at the Montgomery or Conroe LSC campuses.

    Dual Credit Offerings
  • Students will have the opportunity to TSI test on the MHS campus at the first of the year.  There is no charge to the student the first time they take the TSI test.  It is $29.00 if the student needs to take the entire test a second time or $10.00 if they need to re-take a section of the test.

    You must meet complete all the registration steps for dual credit enrollment prior to signing up for the TSI test. 

    You may also qualify to take dual credit courses if you have met certain scores on the PSAT, ACT, or SAT. (see below)

    TSI Testing Qualifiers
  • Dual Credit Remind Accounts
  • If you currently receive accommodations/modifications at MHS, it is the student’s responsibility to contact Vicky Saunders at 936-273-7239 or email to set up an appointment with the Student Disabilities Service Office.  

    For help with this, please contact the College & Career Coordinator, Mrs. Zuehlke.

  • LSC Transcript Instructions

    You should send proof that you completed your LSC dual credit course to the Registrar, Heather Broussard.

    It is always a good idea to also send it to the College & Career Coordinator, Laurie Zuehlke, so your schedule can be adjusted accordingly.