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School # 936-276-5500 ext.  5560

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Maria Smith.  I have worked for Montgomery ISD for 14 years.  I have been here at Keenan Elementary since we opened.  Before that I spent my time at Stewart Creek Elementary.

STEM is part of our Specials Rotation here at Keenan.  My classroom may not look like a regular classroom but the students look forward to changing things up.  Sometimes it just looks like chaos to some but learning is happening! 

My husband and I have lived in Montgomery since 2000.  We have 3 children that all graduated from Montgomery High School.

Welcome to REMOTE lessons for STEM

(You are welcome to do a lesson that you missed or skipped also.)

If your "Adult" would like to send me a picture of your creations:

I can't wait until you can be here in class with us!


8/13/2020 - OPEN

8/13/2020 - 8/20/2020

8/21/2020 - 8/27/2020

8/27/2020 - 9/3/2020

9/4/2020 - 9/10/2020

9/11/2020 - 9/17/2020

9/18/2020 - 9/24/2020