Paula Millner, RN

Email: paula.millner@misd.org

Remind: Text @pmilln to 81010

Twitter: @nursepmilli

Phone: 936-276-4000 Ext: 4089

Room #1503

Welcome! My name is Paula Millner, RN. This is my 4th year to teach Health Science and my 1st year teaching at MISD. I have been a RN for 25 years and spent most of my nursing career working in Labor and Delivery.  The past 3 years of teaching has been a rewarding change.  I love to share the knowledge and passion I have for health care with my students. I have been married for 26 years and I have a son (Nate) who is a freshman at LCHS.


1st period: Principles of Health Science

2nd- Anatomy and Physiology

3rd- Anatomy and Physiology

4th- Anatomy and Physiology

5th- Conference (10:50-12:07)

6th- Health Science Theory

7th- Introduction to Pharmacology

8th- Principles of Health Science


 ****COVID19 School Closure Update****  We will begin online instruction next week.   For my classes EVERY student needs to be on Google Classroom to access class materials and assignments.  If you are already on Google Classroom for my class then you need to change over to the new period specific site ASAP.  The codes are under the resource tab of this website.   If you experience any issues please email me (paula.millner@misd.org) or text me through Remind (text the message @pmilln to 81010 to join)  I want you to know that I am available to you and will support you in any way I can.  We are all in this together and together we will figure this out and make it work.  I miss your smiling faces and seeing you everyday!  Stay healthy and safe!



PUBLIC NOTIFICATION OF NONDISCRIMINATION IN CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS. It is the policy of Montgomery ISD not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or handicap in its vocational programs, services or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended: Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Montgomery ISD will take steps to assure the lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in all educational and vocational programs. For information about your rights or grievance procedures, contact the Title IX Coordinator, Jada Mullins (936) 276-2150 and/or the Special Education/ Section 504 Coordinator Meredith Burg, (936)276-2463, 20774 Eva St., Montgomery, Texas 77356.

Es politica de Montgomery ISD no hacer ningun tipo de discriminacion por raza, color, lugar de origen, genero, o discapacidad, respecto de sus programas, servicios o actividades vocacionales, tal como lo exige el Titulo VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, segun enmienda; el Titulo IX sobre Emmiendas Educativas, de 1972, y la Seccion 504 de la Ley de Rehabilitacion de 1973, segun enmienda. Para mayor informacion sobre sus derechos o los procedimientos para poner una queja, comuniquese con el Coordinador del Titulo IX, Jada Mullins (936) 276-2150 y/o el Educacion Especial/ Coordinador de la Seccion 504, Meredith Burg (936) 276-2463, 20774 Eva St., Montgomery, Texas 77356.

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July 2020
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Classroom resources including Power Points and Videos can be found on Google Classroom.  Codes are as follows:

 1st Period- Principles of Health Science: 6ivzkfm

2nd period-Anatomy and Physiology: yfb435m

3rd Period-Anatomy and Physiology: h7f5rfa

4th Period-Anatomy and Physiology: pmci5wk

6th Period-Health Science Theory: hhgn5b6

 7th Period-Pharmacology: mjlw2zm

8th Period-Principles of Health Science lwv5all
Principles of Health Science

Full Year

Grade levels 9-12

1st Six Weeks

Unit 1 History of Health Care

· Timeline Project

· Bill Nye video clips

· worksheets

Unit 2 Health Care Systems

· Research & Flip Grid Commercial

· Notes with Test (include History)

Unit 3 Careers in Health Care/ Goals (May Carry in to 2nd 6 weeks)

· Overview with Test

· Packet, Reality Check, Tile--- 4 Parts, 2 major Grades

· Poster/Gallery Walk (leads into Personal Qualities – add questions)?

2nd Six Weeks

Unit 4 Professionalism & Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker

· Communication

o Professional Day/ Speed Interviews

o Verbal/ Non verbal

· Leadership & Teamwork

o Leadership Behaviors

o Leadership Styles

o Ambulance Activity

· Conflict Resolution

o Active Listening video clip (Everybody Loves Raymond)

o Group Conflict Resolution Video Project

· Gifted Hands video clip

Unit 5 Legal & Ethical

· Ethics Project

· My Sister’s Keeper Movie

3rd 6 Weeks

Unit 6 Insurance

· Packet

· Test

Unit 7 Human Growth & Development

· Maslow (cup activity)

· Death and Dying (Patch Adams or My Sister’s Keeper video clips)

· Death and Dying Scenarios

· Test

· Paper Doll Activity

· Cultural Diversity Assignment

Unit 8 Nutrition/ Eating Disorders

· Reading Labels

· BMR/BMI Worksheet

· Chart Eating

· Dying to Be Thin Video

4th 6 Weeks

Unit 9 Cycle of Infection

· Pathogens

· Hand Washing

Unit 10 Safety

Unit 11 Medical Records/ Charting/ Roman Numerals / Military Time

5th 6 Weeks

Unit 12 Intro to A&P/ Med Term

o Body Systems

§ Mini Lesson of each System

o Homeostasis

o Basic Med Term

6th 6 Weeks

Unit 11 Vital Signs

Unit 12 CPR & First Aid

Grade Determination: Major tests and projects 60%; Quizzes, daily work and homework

Anatomy and Physiology

1st 6 weeks-

  • The language of Anatomy

  • Basic Physiological processes

  • Cells

  • Tissue

  • Body cavities

  • Directional terms

  • The Integumentary System


2nd 6 weeks

  • The Skeletal System

  • The Muscular System

  • Introduction to the Nervous System- Central Nervous System (the Brain)


3rd 6 weeks

  • The Nervous System- Peripheral nervous system

  • Autonomic Nervous System

  • Special Senses

  • Endocrine System


4th 6 weeks

  • Cardiovascular System- The Heart

  • Vascular System

  • Blood

  • The Lymphatic System

  • The Respiratory System


5th 6 weeks

  • The Respiratory System (cont.)

  • The Digestive System

  • The Urinary System

  • The Reproductive System


6th 6 weeks

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Growth and Development

  • Heredity

  • Nutrition/ Homeostasis/ Body Regulation

  • Infection Control

  • Acid Base balance

Scope and Sequence for Pharmacology 2019-2020

1st 6 Weeks

                History of Medicine and Pharmacy

                Members of the Pharmacology Team (project)

                Pharmacy Law, Ethics and Regulatory Agencies

2nd 6 Weeks

Communication and the Role of the Pharmacy Technician with the Customer (medical   abbreviations and terminology in pharmacy)

Dosage and Administration (including interpretation of medication orders and labels)

Conversions and Calculations Part 1

                Roman Numerals

                Military Time

                Temperature Conversion


3rd 6 Weeks

                Prescriptions (DEA numbers)


                Conversions and Calculations Part 2


                                Word Problems

                                Pediatric Dosages


4th 6 Weeks

                Community Pharmacy Practice

                                Patient Profile Project


                Institutional Pharmacy


                Aseptic Technique and Sterile Compounding


5th 6 Weeks

                Business Math




                Therapeutic Agents of the Cardiovascular System


                OTC Drugs


6th 6 Weeks

                Complementary and Alternative Medicine


                Medication Safety and Error Prevention


Health science Theory

1st 6 weeks-

  • Careers in health care

  • Professionalism (Resume, job seeking skills)

  • Communication

  • Safety in the workplace

  • Cultural diversity in healthcare

2nd 6 weeks-

  • Infection Control (skills: hand washing, Gowning and gloving)

  • Medical Math

3rd 6 weeks-

  • Vital signs (Skills: Temperature, pulse, respiration, Blood Pressure)

  • Legal and Ethical aspects of health care

4th 6 weeks-

  • CPR (CPR certification)

  • First Aid

  • Intro to the body systems (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology)

5th 6 weeks-

  • Body Systems- Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology

6th 6 weeks-

  • EKG certification course

Classroom Rules

Grading policy-   60% Tests/ Projects (Major Grades), 40% daily assignments/ Quizzes (minor grades)

Late Policy- 1st day (–20 points)

                       2nd day (–10 points)

                       3rd day (–10 points)

No late work accepted after 4th day unless prior arrangements have been made with teacher

Retest Policy- Retests and test corrections are at teacher discretion.  Re-instruction and/or tutorials must have taken place prior to retest.

Absent Policy- If you have been absent see me on the day you return to class to see what you have missed.  I will give you an adjusted due date for assignments.

Cell Phone Policy- No Cell Phone use during class discussion time.  If I am talking I do not want to see cell phones or ear buds in use.  First offense is a warning.  2nd offense I will take up your phone and send it to AP office.  There are many occasions where I will allow you to use your phone on school projects, but off task behavior such as watching Netflix or going to social media sites is never allowed. 

Seating Assignments- I have my classroom arranged in groups because we do a lot of group projects.  I allow you to collaborate with your group on most daily assignments.  I believe that the social aspect of school is important.  I want you to enjoy coming to class and be able to sit with and interact with your friends.  Remember- Sitting where you want is a Privilege and not a Right.  If you abuse this privilege by not working well together or talking at inappropriate times you will be moved.  Please sit in you assigned seat every day.  I take attendance by seating chart.

Turning in Assignments- Please turn in all assignment on or before the due date in red file folder.  Please put first and last name and period on all work.  Place in the appropriate folder for your period.  

Tutorials- Every Tues and Thurs 2:40-3:30. I am very flexible with tutorial times and can schedule a tutorial appointment at a different time if needed.