Coach Hazlewood

Room: 1505

Health Science & Technology

Assistant Softball

Head Cross Country

Contact Me:

     Phone: 936-276-2001 ext. 84445

Conference:  A/ Gold Days 10:51-12:57

Department Tutoring Schedule: 

Tuesday and Thursday til 3:30 with Ms. Milner-- Room 1503

By appointment with Coach Hazlewood-- Room 1505

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I am so excited to be coming back to Montgomery ISD and starting a new tradition at Lake Creek High School! My previous years were awesome and I am looking forward to continuing my journey.  I started working at the high school level in 2003.  I played softball in college at Alvin Community College and Nicholls State University.  I started at the high school level as an athletic trainer and slowly transitioned into coaching and teaching.  I have been married for 5 wonderful years.  My husband and I enjoy Aggie football games, golfing and Texas country music.  I will be teaching Principles of Health Science & Medical Terminology this year.  I am the Head Cross Country coach and Assistant Varsity Softball coach.

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Bell Schedule

Principles of Health Science Course Syllabus

Unit 1: History of Health Care

Unit 2: Health Care Services/ Systems

Unit 3: Careers and Goals

Unit 4: Professionalism & Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker

          1. Traits, Appearance, Teamwork and Leadership

          2. Communication & Conflict Resolution

Unit 5: Legal and Ethical

Unit 6: Insurance

Unit 7: Growth And Development/ Death and Dying

Unit 8: Cycle of Infection

Unit 9: Safety

Unit 10: Intro to A&P/ Medical Terminology

Unit 13: First Aid/ CPR


Late Work Policy:

1 Day: -20

2 Days: -30

3 Days: -40

After 3 Days: zero; still encouraged to turn in

Find Class Projects, Worksheets and Power points below!!!


Medical Terminology Course Syllabus


Medical Terminology

Unit 1: Introduction to Medical Terminology
Unit 2: Body Planes, Cavities, Directional Terms & Body Systems
Unit 3: Integumentary System
Unit 4: Nervous System
Unit 5: Skeletal System
Unit 6: Muscular System

Unit 7: Digestive System

Unit 8: Endocrine System

Unit 9: Cardiovascular System

Unit 10: Respiratory System

Unit 11: Excretory System

Unit 12: Reproductive System

Major Overview Project


Late Work Policy:

1 Day: -20

2 Days: -30

3 Days: -40

After 3 Days: zero; still encouraged to turn in


Power points & Worksheets

Principles of Health Science QUIZLET 

Quizlet Principles of Health Science


Medical Terminology QUIZLET 
Quizlet Med Term


The following links can be additional notes to help with the lesson we are on. All lessons for the year are on these pages.  You will have to search for the one we are currently learning.  

Principles of Health Science Note Resources

Principles of Health Science Note Help

Medical Terminology Note Resources

Med Term Note Help



CDC Outbreak Detective Game

Game Link


Scientifically Proven Resources to Utilize in Research


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