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Dual Credit

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Phone - 936-276-2001 ext. 84999

Conference: 2nd and 6th periods


I am very excited to be teaching at the new high school this year. This is my 27th year teaching English. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Masters in English with a strong background in writing and literature. I have two kids attending Montgomery schools, and my wife is a teacher who works at the elementary level.  I am looking forward to teaching Dual Credit at the junior and senior level hoping  to help my students become excellent writers and instill within them a love for literature. I am also the sponsor for the Creative Writing Club here at Lake Creek.


Extended Spring Break - refer to your course heading - either World Literature or 1301 for directions.

Mr. Greer / Room B2515

Dear Parent/ Student:

Welcome to Dual Credit at Lake Creek High School. I am looking forward to working with your child this year. I pledge to give my best in improving their academic achievement and preparing them to have a bright future.


• Writing - The students will focus on persuasive writing in order to express their ideas in various writing assignments. For example, short answer responses to analyze and compare reading selections. The students will write daily in a free writing journal and explore conventions and grammar in a journal as well.

• Reading - The students will read whole class novels, individual choice novels, and various genres from the textbook. The students will also focus on non-fiction writing through a current event article of the week.

• Vocabulary - Vocabulary will be provided to the students to complete various activities. The students will explore parts of speech, definitions, and etymology and apply their meanings in context.

• Assessments - The students will be given assessments over each unit of study. Writing will be assessed throughout the year and several completed, final draft compositions will be expected.

Tools for Success:

Bring the following to class each day:

3-ring-binder (1.5 inch+) with college ruled or wide ruled paper (use for other core classes as well)

Grading Policies:

Percentages: Major Grades - 60% This includes tests/assessments, essays, projects, and other major assignments. Daily Grades - 40% This includes classwork and homework.

Late Work: It is very important to turn in work on time. 20 points will be deducted for 1 day late. 40 points will be deducted for 2 days late. After that, the assignment will be a 0.

• Major grades ARE NOT ACCEPTED LATE! Some class time and extra intervention will be available to assist in the students’ success. Grades will be updated regularly.

Make-Up Work: Work assigned before an absence that is due during an absence will be due THE DAY OF RETURN. Students are responsible for getting the makeup work. A student has the number of days absent plus one to turn in all make-up work. This information applies to tests and quizzes missed as well.

Cheating: Cheating or plagiarism will result in a zero, a parent contact, and an office referral. This includes plagiarism from a classmate, a famous person, or a website. If you allow someone to copy your work, you will also receive the same consequences.

Testing Days:

• English II tests will be given on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


• I will be available for tutorials Monday -Thursday 2:40 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.  If for some reason I am not available, other teachers will be available to help.

Class Rules

Students should be:

• Punctual - Arrive to class on time and begin the warm-up immediately when the bell rings.

• Prepared - Bring all supplies and assignments to class every day.

• Present - Pay attention, participate and stay on task.

• Polite - Treat others kindly and choose your words wisely. *Respect others, including yourself. Raise your hand for permission to speak aloud in class.

• Positive - You control your attitude - make it a good one.

Note: No food or drink. Disposable water bottles are okay.

If you choose to behave in a manner deemed inappropriate, you will face the following consequences,

in no particular order:

verbal warning

phone call to a relative/ guardian

teacher detention

removal from class

(Classroom teachers reserve the right to skip consequences for major offenses or repeat offenders).

Cell Phones:

You WILL be able to use your own electronic device from time to time in this class, at Mr. Greer’s discretion (i.e. for projects, web searches, polls/surveys, etc.). When not in use, devices are off and put away.

*Refusal to turn cell phone over to a Teacher will result in 2 days of ISS

Bathroom Passes:

No bathroom passes will be issued the first or last 10 minutes of class. You will be given three restroom passes per six weeks. Use them wisely.

Class Dismissal: Class is dismissed by Mr. Greer, not the bell. The class will be dismissed only if we have stopped speaking, the room is tidy, and all students are in their seats. Do not pack up early and/or line up at the door and wait for the bell.


Gradebook - All parents should create a gradebook account. Students should also create a gradebook account and check their grades daily. You can set notifications to tell you if you are missing an assignment OR if your grade falls below a certain level.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mr. Greer

Phone: 936-276-2001 ext. 84900


Conference: 9:02 a.m.-9:53 a.m.

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