This is a picture of Coach Wells and Coach Grisham

Coach Wells, here! Coach Grisham, here! We feel beyond blessed to be here at Keenan Elementary! This is our 2nd year teaching together and we are getting really good at reading each other's mind.


Our goal is to turn the ordinary into extraordinary! We want the gym to be a place to find self confidence by trying new things, to learn skills that will keep them active for life, and build strong friendships through team work. 

This is a picture of Coach Wells and her husband.
This is a picture of the Wells family on a hike.
This is a picture of the Wells girls.
This is a picture of Coach Wells and her family.
This is a picture of Coach Wells, her husband, and daughter.

Just a little bit about Coach Wells....I graduated from Sam Houston State University. I have been teaching for 18 years from preschool to high school, but PE is my love. I truly enjoy getting to know all the students in the school, keeping kids healthy and fit, and being an active part of a growing community.


I have been married to my husband, Robby, for 21 years and we have been blessed with five healthy girls. Reagan is a junior at Lake Creek HS & plays volleyball, and McKinley, Kennedy, Madison, and Taylor are 8th graders at Oak Hills JH. Yes, four 8th graders! They are quadruplets. Life is fun, crazy, and always entertaining at our house. Daddy is outnumbered, but he loves every part of it. We also have a black lab named Macy.

My most recent victory is the completion of the Woodlands Marathon with the help of our Lions on the Move running club kiddos. So thankful for the 20 runners that made it awesome!
This is a picture of Coach Wells after the marathon.
This is a picture of Coach Grisham and her husband.

And some fun facts about Coach Grisham....

Did you know that she graduated from Montgomery High School? Coach Grisham has been married to her husband, Phillip for 19 years and they have a 16 yr old son, Jackson, who is a sophomore at LCHS.  She LOVES the Lord, PE at Keenan, and staying fit by exercising. She also enjoys relaxing on the beach with her family. And if that wasn't enough cool informatoin, she raises golden retriever puppies in her spare time. 

This is a picture of Coach Grisham's son.
This is a picture of kids playing in the gym.

PE Class Schedule

4th grade 8:30-9:20

5th grade 9:20-10:10

2nd grade 10:10-11:00

3rd grade  11:00-11:50

1st grade 12:20-1:10

Kinder  1:10-2:00

Pre-K  2:00-2:45

Program Day Schedule

4th grade 10:00-10:30

5th grade 10:30-11:00

2nd grade 11:00-11:30

3rd grade  11:30-12:00

1st grade 12:40-1:10

Kinder  1:10-1:40

Pre-K  1:40-2:10


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Twitter  @keenan_pe_rocks

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One of our favorite ways to move in PE is with our DrumFit! It's proven to strengthen heart and lung through aerobic activity, improves coordination, and works on fine motor skill & spatial awareness. Equipment includes DrumFit ball, stand, drumsticks, and 6 month subscription to the video library of routines. Check out the individual Drumkit available now. Family sets available as well. You will love it!