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My name is Carol Fabian. I am an Aggie (Class of '88 WHOOP!), and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction with Specializations in Reading and Health Education.  I have experience teaching all subjects in 3rd-6th grades.  Neuhaus Education Center is where I received extensive training to become a certified Dyslexia Interventionist.  Teaching dyslexic students is my favorite thus far! 

Resources for Parents

Note: The following resources are available to districts in both digital and print formats.

Lesson Component

Digital and Print Resources

Phonological Awareness




Review Decks

Reading Practice

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Handwriting Practice


Spelling Practice


Extended Reading Practice


Components of Language





For background knowledge and building vocabulary, the following resources are available. These links could be used as prewriting exercises.

Virtual Field Trips

Houston Public Library—Learning Express Library

Talking Books

Other Resources

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