This is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Siple.
This is a picture of Logan, Talia, and Burke Siple.

Cindy Siple, MA

Music Teacher, Choir Director

Montgomery Elementary School

936-276-3600 ext.84964

Conference Time: 2:50-3:30PM

  • December was an exciting month for MES music!  The 3rd Graders had an amazing performance of  "North Pole Musical"!  A huge thank you to Kara Kowalik, Cindy Haynes, Katie Stroade, Sarah Clements, and Katy Reibenstein for their work on our incredible set and a special shout out to Kara Kowalik for helping with the choreography as well!  The MES Bearcat Choir shared their beautiful voices for Bethlehem City, the Montgomery Christmas Parade, and the April Sound Ladies Association.  Thank you so much to the Martins, who volunteered trailer, truck, and driver!, the Robertsons who came through with hay,  the parents and families that brought decorations and stayed to help put everything together, the parents that walked with us, and the families that stood on the sidelines and cheered us on!  This month slows down a bit when it comes to performances, but we will still be working hard on all things music.  Our Bearcat Choir will ride the Kindness Bus throughout Montgomery, spreading kindness, joy and music as a part of the Great Kindness Challenge.  Our 5th Grade Choir Members will be busy preparing for the MISD District Choir Festival in February, and Second Grade will begin preparing for their program in March. In the music room, we will all continue learning to playing our Orff instruments (glockenspiels, xylophones, and metallophones) as well as various rhythm instruments.  Fifth Grade will be studying the symphony, focusing on string instruments, and learning to play the ukelele!  Fourth Grade will begin learning to play the recorder while studying major and minor melodies and note durations.  The Classical Period of Music will be the focus for Third Grade, while Second Grade delves into The Baroque Period.  First Grade will explore melodic direction and patterns, Kindergarten will begin learning about meters of 2, 3, and 4, and Pre-K will be working on the highs and lows of melody.  There is always so much to learn when it comes to growing our brains through music!   

    We are always looking for volunteers to help with costuming, props, and set design for our programs.  If you have ever thought about being in show biz, come join us!  We will put your work in lights!!!  Finally, if you happen to have...or know of anyone who might have....any old musical instruments that are no longer being used and you would consider donating, please let me know!  In our study of instruments, it helps so much to have the actual instruments to observe and touch and experience. Thank you always for your support and for giving us the opportunity to share a love for music together!

    “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” - Maria von Trapp



  •       8:20-9:15am       Fifth Grade

          9:15-10:10am     Fourth Grade

         10:10-11:05am    Third Grade

         11:35-12:05am     PreK

         12:05-1:00pm      Second Grade

         1:00-1:55pm        First Grade

         1:55-2:50pm        Kindergarten

         2:50-3:30pm        Conference Period

  • The MES Bearcat Choir had a busy December spreading Christmas Cheer with performances at Bethlehem City, April Sound  Country Club for the April Sound Ladies Association, and the Montgomery Christmas Parade!  We will continue spreading cheer (and music!) with our Kindness Bus on January 14th, traveling to nursing homes and visiting our community service members.  Our 5th Grade Choir Members will be featured in the MISD District Choir Festival on February 24th at Lake Creek High School.  The choir will be back together to sing the National Anthem at the Texas A&M Men's Basketball Game vs. Arkansas on March 7th.  For tickets please visit our link at  On April 18th, the Bearcat Choir will be featured in the Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion on April 18th at 12:00pm.  We will close the year with our Spring Show on May 7th and an awesome field trip together on the 8th!       

  • I am so excited to be sharing my love for music with our MES Family!  Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and continues to be a true passion of mine.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you, as we work to inspire our children through music and to encourage them to find a new way of expressing themselves and their feelings!:-)  I always welcome any opportunity to talk with you about our program and ways to encourage your child through the fine arts.  My conference time is from 2:50-3:30 pm each day. Please call or email me anytime you have a question, concern, comment, or suggestion. 

  • Just a little about me:-)...I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I hold a BA from Penn State University and an MA from the University of Pittsburgh.  Before becoming a teacher in 1994, I worked as a professional actor/singer/dancer (yikes!) and a flight attendant.  My awesome husband, Mr. Siple, is a Captain on the 756/757 for United Airlines.  I have three amazing and incredible big kids.  Logan just graduated with a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and is working for an oil and gas exploration company in Colorado.  Talia is a cheerleader for Ole Miss and is majoring in Nursing.  Hotty Toddy!  Burke is an Aggie flying airplanes and studying Aerospace Engineering.  Gig 'em!  I love spending time with my family traveling, watching sports, hanging out, and doing farm things along with the cows, horses, goats, chickens, dogs, etc.  I also love working with our community theatre in Conroe and singing as a cantor for our church.  I am soooooo excited to be teaching music for the MES Family!!  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to spend this year loving and learning with each one of you!  We are going to do amazing things together!!:-)))  

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