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Keenan Group
Keenan Elementary Staff
  • KES administration
    Name Position Email
    Mallory Kirby Principal
    Melissa Freeman Assistant Principal
    Kim Wunderlich Counselor
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  • Name Position Email Webpage
    Dottie Brewer Receptionist
    Cami Sultenfuss Registrar
    Amy Storer Instructional Coach Webpage
    Heather Norris Secretary
    Mike Baier Maintenance
    Theresa Muesel Nurse
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  • Keenan Support Staff
    KES Support staff
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Carol Fabian Dyslexia
    Jarene Schroeder Dyslexia Webpage
    Angie Buss Special Education Teacher Webpage
    Connie Hurst Special Education Aide
    Shanna Stoken Special Education Aide
    Brandy Bowers Interventionist
    Gentry Schany Aide
    Julia Cole Aide
    Tiffany Gross Special Education Teacher
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  • PPCD  team
    Keenan Staff
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Annette Collins PPCD Aide
    Kimberly Fairman PPCD Aide
    Cherie Losack PPCD Teacher
    Katie Gerdin PPCD Aide
    Helen Mitchell PPCD Aide
    Emily Sessions PPCD Teacher
    Rhonda Soileau PPCD Teacher
    Laura Warren PPCD Aide
    Teena Wright PPCD Aide
    Katie Burleson Pre-K Teacher
    Kimberly Fairman Pre-K Aide
    Melissa Swearingen PreK Teacher Webpage
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  • KES kindergarten team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Jennifer Colter Kindergarten Webpage
    Lauren Coughlin Kindergarten Webpage
    Kim Lee Kindergarten Webpage
    Amanda Ogorchock Kindegarten
    Kristi Vecera Kindergarten Webpage
    Cynthia Watkins Kindegarten cynthia.watkins@misd,org
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  • KES first grade team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Brooke Adamick First Webpage
    Theresa Burt First Webpage
    Angel Dowell First Webpage
    Jen Marshall First Webpage
    Lissa Spitaliere First Webpage
    Beth Smith First Webpage
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  •  2nd grade team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Becky Bradley Second Webpage
    Emily Przyborski Second Webpage
    Jenna Sidney Second Webpage
    Heather Spaugh Second Webpage
    Meghan Stidham Second
    Teri Wischan Second Webpage
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  • KES 3rd grade team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Heather Brown Third Webpage
    Katye Hight Third Webpage
    Makinizie Nicks Third Webpage
    Christy Roach Third Webpage
    Shanna Shannon Third Webpage
    Nikki Taylor Third Webpage
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  • KES 4th grade team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Jennifer Bagwell Fourth Webpage
    Melissa Brown Fourth Webpage
    Janice Davis Fourth Webpage
    Tina Hammons Fourth Webpage
    Marci Gober Fourth Webpage
    Jeneca Egloff Fourth Webpage
    Leah Taska Fourth Webpage
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  • KES 5th grade team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Angie Hance Fifth Webpage
    Lisa Miller Fifth Webpage
    Kristin Pitrucha Fifth Webpage
    Charlotte Pilgrim Fifth Webpage
    Julie Worthy Fifth Webpage
    Kathy Wheat Fifth Webpage
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  • KES Admin Special Education Team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Jenny Stafford Diagnostician
    Ashley Hall Speech
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  • MES specials team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Joni Stephenson Music Webpage
    Bobbi Jo Wells Physical Education Coach Webpage
    Amy Suttles Art Webpage
    Maria Smith Computer Lab Webpage
    Melissa Grisham Physical Education Aide
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  • KES Library Team
    Name Position Email Webpage
    Jessica Samuel Librarian Webpage
    Renee Kremheller Librarian Aide
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Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.