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Korin Massengale
All about me…
  • Graduated from University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Education, a math minor, special education and GT certifications
  • Master of Education from Lamar University
  • This is my 21st  year of teaching…4th – 8th grade math
  • Four Children: Justin is a senior in college, Jacob is a junior in college, Jayden is a senior in high school and Jenny is a junior in high school
If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 936-276-3300.  You can also email me at  - which is the easiest way to contact me.  My conference is 6th period, if you would like to schedule a conference.


How to get to the online textbook

Go the and click on “Schools”

Choose “Montgomery Junior High School”

Click on “Online Textbooks”

Choose “Montgomery Junior High School”

Click on “Math Textbook”


Student username: s(lunch code)    If you can not remember your username - try each of these:

1.  s with your lunch number - the s is lowercase - example: s12345    The lunch number can be 5 or 6 digits long.  Try it both ways - by adding the first 0 or 1 and by dropping the first 0 or 1 

2.  s with your lunch number with @misd-tx   -  this is a 6 digit number so add a zero at the beginning if your lunch number only has 5 digits  -  example: s012345@misd-tx


Student password: password1

To log in you must be on the screen with a picture of the bridge. The other screens (one has bluebonnets, one has a dragonfly) will not work.


Welcome to Mrs. Massengale’s mathematics class.  To achieve their highest ability, students will need to be motivated, interested, attentive, and present in class as much as possible.  It will be the student’s responsibility to keep up with assignments, grades, and organization of materials.  The following is a brief summary of the policies and procedures that students will be expected to follow in class.

Remind 101

Text @kh64f7 to 81010


The following materials will be expected from each student and brought to class every day.

  • Composition book or spiral
  • Section in a binder to hold math quizzes and tests
  • Pencils
  • Checking pens (any color)


In general, there will be an assignment given each day.  Assignments not completed in class will become homework.  Ample time and opportunity will be given to work in class. 

Make Up Work

It is the student’s responsibility to check the makeup folder in the classroom and pick up any assignments missed due to an absence.  If a student knows in advance that he/she will be out, it is asked that they retrieve the assignments before the absence.  It is very important to understand that math builds on itself.  If a student is absent, it is VERY important for them to make sure they understand the material missed.  This process will become more beneficial as the year progresses. If a student is absent the day of a test, he/she will need to arrange a time to make it up promptly upon returning to school. All test will be taken in the classroom.

Extra Help/Tutorials

If a student is having difficulty with the material, they are strongly urged to seek help.  They are encouraged to ask questions before, during, or after class.  If further assistance is needed, I am available on Monday and Tuesday from 2:45-3:30.  The student must have their own transportation home.

*** If I am not available for tutorials, your student should report to another math teacher for help****


Major grades, quizzes, and daily grades will make up a student’s six week average:

65% Major Grades

10% Daily Grades

25% Quiz Grades

Homework Help

You can use the online textbook which includes video tutorials and homework guidance.   To access the online textbook your child must enter through the Montgomery Junior High website.  There are directions for this and your child's individual username and password in your child's math journal. 

Wish List!!

Baggies (any sort), paper towels, Kleenex, pencils, handheld sharpeners, and wet wipes.

Students are not required to buy a calculator.  They will have a calculator to use each day in class.  The class calculators can not go home with the students.  If your child wishes to purchase one, we use the TI-nspire CX or TI-nspire CX II.  

Test Review KEYS will be sent out the day before the test using Remind.  

Text @kh64f7 to 81010

8th Grade TEks

Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.