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My name is Kristy Krause and I am an Army Brat.  I lived in 4 different states and three different countries when I was a child.  We moved to Montgomery in 1992.  I have one son at Lake Creek and one son at Lone Star College.  I enjoy reading, working out and traveling.  I have been to 25 countries and 35 states.

I graduated from Montgomery High School in 1994.  I have an Associate of Arts from Montgomery College and a Bachelor of Science in Academic Studies from Sam Houston State University.  In addition, I have a Masters Degree from Hershey's University. :)  I am certified to teach elementary self-contained, geography and vocational home economics.  In 2000, I started my teaching career in Conroe ISD.  I have been at Montgomery Junior High since 2008. 

I am currently teaching Skills for Living.  SFL is a one semester Family and Consumer Science course for 7th and 8th Grade.  I am also teaching a 6 week version of Skills for Living for 6th graders.  It is part of the wheel along with art, choir, computers and theatre. 

In addition to teaching SFL, I am the MJH yearbook adviser.  Please go to the yearbook tab to purchase a yearbook from



If you have any questions or concerns about SFL or yearbook, please e-mail me at or call the school at 936-276-3300. 

Discovering Life Skills

Publisher - McGraw Hill Education
First Edition - Copyright 2016

I only have a class set.  I will put all of the vocabulary words on my website so your child can access them at home.

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We need donations for our cooking labs.  If you would like to buy something, please choose from the following items: 

Almond Bark (Chocolate or Vanilla)
Butterscotch Chips
Milk Chocolate Chips
Rice Chex
Rice Krispies
Captain Crunch

We also need CLOROX OR LYSOL wipes and KLEENEX tissues. 
Thank you!

Guest speakers help make the class more interesting for the students.  The following people have spoken to my classes in the past or are scheduled to speak with them this semester.  If you or anyone you know would like to be a guest speaker or a guest cook, please e-mail me.

Montgomery County Women's Center


Montgomery Fire Department


Texas State Trooper - Eric Burse

Woodforest National Bank


I DO NOT ACCEPT TYPED VOCABULARY.  You must write them out on notebook paper.

Skills for Living Chapter 15 Vocabulary (page 341)

1. Alteration – a change made in clothing to modify the style and give it a fresh, new look

2. Analogous – alike; comparable; equivalent; similar

3. Complementary – contrasting or opposite colors

4. Fad – a fashion that is popular for a short time

5. Fashion – a style of clothing that is popular at a particular time

6. Hue – colors, the three basic colors are red, yellow and blue

7. Intensity – the brightness or dullness of a color

8. Inventory – an itemized list; a summary

9. Modesty – the belief about the proper way to cover the body with clothes

10. Monochromatic – having or consisting of one color or hue

11. Primary – basic; fundamental

12. Shade - the dark value of a hue

13. Status – rank in relation to others; position in society

14. Style – the distinctive quality or form of something; the design of a garment

15. Texture – the feel and appearance of a fabric’s surface

16. Tint – the light value of a hue

17. Value – relative lightness or darkness of a color; luminosity

Skills for Living Chapter 19 Vocabulary (page 439)

1. Adequate - Enough to meet a need or to qualify for something

2.  Amino Acid - The building block that makes up proteins

3. Appetite - The desire to eat

4. Brittle - Easy to break, fragile, weak

5. Calorie - A unit that measures the energy used by the body and the energy that food supplies to the body

6. Carbohydrate - Any starch or sugar that provides the body with energy

7. Cholesterol - The waxy substance contained in saturated animal fats

8. Component - Ingredient, element, part

9. Diabetes - A condition in which the body cannot control blood sugar properly

10. Fiber - Plant material that one’s body cannot digest

11. Mineral - An element needed in small amounts for sturdy bones and teeth, healthy blood, and regular elimination of body waste

12. My Plate - A colorful representation of how to make healthful food choices and increase physical activity

13. Nutrient - A substance in food that is important for the body’s growth and maintenance

14. Osteoporosis - A condition in which bones gradually lose their mineral content and become weak

15. Protein - A type of nutrient that is needed to build, repair and maintain body cells and tissues

16. Refined - Chemically processed to remove impurities

17. Sodium - A mineral that helps regulate the amount of fluid in our bodies

18 .Vitamin - A substance that is needed in small quantities to help regulate body functions

19. Wellness - One’s best level of health

20. Whole Grain - Foods that contain the entire edible grain

Skills for Living Chapter 20 Vocabulary (page 459)

1. Aerobic – continuous rhythmic activities that improve heart and lung efficiency

2. Anorexia nervosa – an eating disorder in which a person feels an extreme fear of gaining weight and severely limits eating

3. Binge eating – an eating disorder in which a person eats large quantities of food at one time

4. Bulimia nervosa – an eating disorder in which a person eats very large amounts of food and then vomits or uses laxatives to get rid of the eaten food

5. Eating disorder – an extreme eating behavior that can lead to depression, anxiety and even death

6. Expend – to make use of for a specific purpose

7. Fad diet – a diet which promises quick weight loss through unrealistic or unhealthful means

8. Fast – to stop eating

9. Fitness – the ability to handle daily events in a healthy way

10. Flexible – the body’s ability to adjust to new conditions

11. Obesity – a condition in which a person’s weight is 20% or more above his or her healthy weight

12. Obtain – to gain or attain usually by planned action or effort

13. Stamina – the ability to focus on or perform a single activity for a long time

Skills for Living Chapter 21 Vocabulary (page 483)

1. conduct – the act, manner or process of carrying on

2. contamination – becoming infected with harmful bacteria

3. convection oven – an oven having a fan that circulated hot air evenly and continuously around food

4. e coli – the most deadly form of food poisoning, found in contaminated water, raw or rare ground beef and unpasteurized milk

5. flammable – capable of burning easily

6. foodborne illness – an illness caused by unsafe food; food poisoning

7. hazard – something that is potentially dangerous

8. minimize – to reduce; to decrease

9. perishable – likely to spoil quickly

10. promptly – readily; quickly; immediately

11. salmonella – bacteria often found in raw or undercooked foods, such as meat, eggs, fish and poultry

12. utensil – a tool or container used in a household, especially a kitchen; cookware

Skills for Living Chapter 23 Vocabulary (page 525)

1. Antioxidant – a substance that protects cells and the immune system from damage by harmful chemicals

2. Batter – a liquid or semiliquid mixture, usually containing flour, milk and eggs

3. Casserole – a mix of food cooked and served in a covered pot or dish

4. Convenience food – food already prepared or partially prepared to save time

5. Crucial – very important, significant, essential

6. Curdle – to separate into little particles or curds

7. Legume – the fruit or seed of plants, such as peas or beans, used for food

8. Omelet – a well beaten egg that is first cooked in a frying pan without stirring, then topped with other ingredients and finally folded over

9. Processed – changed from raw form before being sold  

10. Produce – fruits and vegetables

11. Quiche – main dish pie filled with eggs, cheese and other ingredients such as ham, spinach and mushrooms

12. Retain – to hold secure or intact

13. Scald – to brig slowly to a temperature just below boiling point

14. Seasonal – foods more readily available and less expensive at certain times of the year

15. Tender – easily crushed, chewed or cut

16. Yeast bread – bread in which the leavening agent is yeast

This is for 7th and 8th Grade Only.

Text @MJHSKI to 81010 to sign up for 7th and 8th grade SFL reminders.

Trouble using 81010?  Try texting @MJHSKI to 936-681-0054 instead.

To receive messages via e-mail, send an e-mail to


MJH Yearbooks are $55.00.  The yearzines are an additional $5.00.  You can buy them at after September 15th.  They will be delivered the last week of school.  

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