Lake Creek High School Inaugural Graduation


Graduation 2020 will be held on Thursday, June 4th @ 9:00am in MISD football stadium. The Live stream will be on the MISD website and the Lake Creek High School website.

The Class of 2020 has accomplished so much and we are proud for them to be the students graduating in the Inaugural Graduation Ceremony of Lake Creek High School. Graduation is a special ceremony for our students and community. Fog horns, cowbells, silly string, beach balls, etc., are NOT appropriate for this kind of ceremony. We want every parent/relative/friend in the audience to be able to hear their special student’s name being announced and awarded a diploma.

In order for us to have a face to face ceremony we need to meet several stipulations. 

General Guidelines:

Graduates and graduate families must always be spaced a minimum of 6ft apart from others on the field, in the seating areas, and while entering and exiting of the stadium.

Hand Sanitizer will be stationed at the entrances/exits, bathrooms, and around the facility.

Bathrooms will be controlled access in order to ensure social distancing.

Face coverings: Commemorative face masks will be provided to the graduates. Graduates will be allowed to remove their mask for their graduation picture. All attendees are encouraged to wear face coverings in the stadium.

Law Enforcement will be present to help monitor social distancing requirements.

All families should use one vehicle.

Vehicles will utilize alternate parking spaces to ensure social distancing requirements.

The Pre-Registration Form must be filled out for each graduate by Sunday May 31st. Families will be limited to 4 household members plus the graduate. (5 total)

Arrival Procedures:

Students/Family Check-in – There will be assigned gate entrances and staggered time slots. We will send out assigned gate entrance information with the seating assignments for the graduate and family the week of graduation. Signs will note which entrance the group should use to enter the facility. Please make sure you follow the arrival times and maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.

Families and graduates will enter together and must turn in the Graduation Ceremony Access Acknowledgement Form with all names of attendees and signatures indicating they are clear of all symptoms. Remember: Families will be limited to 4 household members plus the graduate. (5 total)

Graduate families will be given a seat assignment in the stadium. Graduates will be given a row and seat assignment on the field.  


To assure a six-foot distance, seating will be assigned to each family. You will receive an email with your seat assignment in the stadium. There will be a map to help with the seat locations. When you check in with your graduate, you will also get your seat assignment. Staff will be stationed to help you find your row and seats. Your graduate’s seat assignment will be in the email and at the gate when you check in.

Exit Procedures:

Once your graduate crosses the stage, they will take a picture with ImaginLight photography and exit the field. After the graduate exits the field, they will be directed to leave the stadium and meet up with their family in the parking lot. You will not be allowed to congregate.

Families in the stadium should quietly exit the stadium after their graduate has left the field area to meet their student at their vehicle in the parking lot. Seating in the stadium is configured in such a way as to avoid exiting families crossing over parents who are waiting to view the presentation of their graduate.

Graduate and family should immediately leave the stadium parking area and not congregate in the parking lot. Law Enforcement will be present to help with enforcement.

Graduate Attire:

Graduates are to wear cool, comfortable clothing under their graduation regalia (gowns). A white collared shirt for gentlemen would look best for the graduation picture. Please think about the shoes you are planning to wear at graduation. Since we are on the field, wear shoes that do not have a pointed heel. We do not want your heel to sink and cause you to trip. 

The following regalia cords have been approved to wear at graduation. The LCHS sponsors of these national organizations will reach out to the graduates on how to pick up the cords if they have not received them already.

  1. White and Gold cords, Medallion (Honor Graduate)
  2. Red, White, Blue cord (Academic Decathalon)
  3. Blue and Gold cords (International Thespian Society)
  4. Light Blue and Gold cords (Mu Alpha Theta)
  5. Royal Blue (National Association of Student Councils)
  6. Silver and Red cords (National Forensic League)
  7. Red and Yellow cords (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica)

The order of how to wear the regalia over your gown is as follows:

  1. Bottom layer is the gold stole you received at cap & gown pick up.
  2. The next layer is the honor graduate medallion. 
  3. The next layer is the cords from the approved list above.
  4. The final layer is the NHS collar.

There is to be no decorations added to the mortarboard (cap). You start off the ceremony with your tassel on the left. Your mortarboard should be worn flat on your head.

Graduation Picture

ImaginLight Photography will be taking a graduation photo after your graduate crosses the stage. You can order your graduates picture by either bringing this form to graduation and dropping it off at the ImaginLight Photography table located in front of the concession stand or by mailing it in. Graduation Picture Form. There is also a Special Picture Package for our graduates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to