Montgomery HS

Parking Registration

July 1st - July 15th

Any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Griffin

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Parking Registration/Parking Permit Update

Parking Registration for 2018-2019 School Year is open July 1st - July 15th.

We will announce times to pick up your permit.

You must have a hang tag BEFORE you drive to school.

Parking Registration Website


Welcome to the online student vehicle registration site for Montgomery High School.

If you are an 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student with a driver's license you are eligible to apply for a parking space. You are able to register up to 2 vehicles that you intend to drive to school.


Before you get started please make sure that you have gathered all the necessary documents/data to fully complete the online form at the end.

You will need the following information to complete the application:

  • Vehicles: Make, Model, Color, License Plate #
  • Student's drivers license number including expiration date, school ID number and grade level
  • Insurance Company name, policy number and expiration date
  • Shared Parking: If you plan on sharing a parking space, you will need the grade level, first and last name of the student you will be sharing the space with. This student must also complete the Parking Information Training and registration of their vehicles. Both students need to enter each other’s name. Only one needs to pay the $75 fee.

Read through the Parking Information below. Once you have read the Parking Rules and Regulations, fill out the registration and pay. You MUST fill out the registration to be on the parking list. You MUST pay to remain on the list and receive your parking tag.

  • Parking at Montgomery High School is a privilege NOT a right. Our goal with parking is to provide a parking place on campus for as many of our students as possible.

    Students who wish to drive their own vehicle to campus must fill out the parking registration and purchase a parking permit/space. To receive your parking tag you must:

    ? Classified as an 10th, 11th, or 12th grader,

    ? Read and Agree to the Parking Rules and Regulations,

    ? Pay $75 by credit card or check online (fee is not prorated),

    ? Show your valid driver’s license when you pick up your tag and,

    ? Show valid proof of insurance when you pick up your tag.

    Shared Parking Guidelines

    1. Both students must complete the parking registration. Only one payment is required. Do not make partial payments.

    2. One hang tag will be provided between both students.

    3. The student driving must display the hang tag on the rearview mirror.

    4. When you are sharing a space only 1 vehicle is allowed to occupy the space at a time.

    5. If one of the students receives a parking suspension for 5 or 10 days, the other student may use during the suspension dates.

    6. If one of the students loses parking permanently the shared parking will be changed to single parking and the other student will retain the parking space.

    General Information

    1. Seniority does not guarantee a closer space.

    2. You must register the license plate when registering any vehicle, including foreign and temporary plates. If your vehicle is unregistered, you will receive a parking violation.

    3. All vehicles must have their tag displayed from their rear view mirror.

    4. You may register more than one vehicle that you may drive and park on campus. This does not include a friend’s car unless you are sharing a space under the shared parking guidelines.

    5. New vehicles must be registered prior to driving them on campus.

    6. Vehicles may be added. You may register them under Vehicle Changes.

    7. Students may only register for one parking space.

    8. All parking assignments are generated through an Assistant Principal's office.

    9. Students may not sell, loan, or give their tag to another student.

    10. Freshmen are not allowed to drive another student to school and park in their space.

    11. Always park in your assigned space. If someone is in your space, write down the license plate, park in the front and report to an Assistant Principal’s office immediately.

    12. A violation of any of the above could result in a loss of parking.

    Safety is priority

    1. The speed limit on campus is 15 mph.

    2. Students may not drive recklessly or aggressively in the parking lots at any time.

    3. Be patient and drive safe.

    4. Students may not drive across the lots, or drive the wrong direction to pass cars.

    5. Students may not ride on tops of cars or in the bed of trucks on campus.

    6. Students are not permitted to pull in front of buses as they are leaving campus during dismissal.

    7. A violation of any of the above could result in a loss of parking.

    Registered vehicles ONLY

    1. Only vehicles registered to a space may park on campus.

    2. Student vehicles are not allowed to park in the following areas: Handicap, Fire Zones, Bus Ramp, Faculty lots or Visitors. This could result in a loss of parking and/or vehicle being towed.

    Band Practice Lot

    1. All students parked in the Band practice lot must move their vehicles by 3:00p.m. until January. Please plan accordingly around your practices, tutorials, club meetings, etc…

    2. A violation of any of the above could result in a loss of parking or detention.

    Gravel Lot

    1. Vehicles located in the gravel lot MUST use front end parking (no backing into the space).

    2. A violation of any of the above could result in a loss of parking or detention.

    Handicap Parking

    1. Students with a parking permit must have a valid Handicap tag in order to park in those designed spaces on campus. Please contact an Assistant Principal if you need to park in these spaces.

    2. You must have a Handicap Tag. Do not park beyond the expired date.

    Parking lot incidents

    1. Report any damage to your vehicle to an Assistant Principal's office.

    2. If you hit another car in the parking lot, do not move your vehicles. Exchange information with that person. Contact an Assistant Principal’s office immediately.

    3. If you hit another car in the parking lot and the vehicle is empty, do not leave the scene without reporting the incident to an Assistant Principal’s office.

    4. MHS assumes no responsibility if a vehicle is towed or booted. This is at the owner’s expense.

    5. MHS is not responsible for damage or loss of property to vehicles on campus.

    6. Always lock your vehicle and put away all valuables out of sight.

    Parking suspensions

    ? Tardies- 1st period or late arrival tardies count all semester

    ? Parking tardies and absences accumulate all semester – Do NOT start over at six weeks.

    ? Vehicles can be booted and towed for violations. A $20 fee will be applied to remove a boot.

    5 Day Suspension                                                                                         10 Day Suspension

    5 1st period tardies                                                                                         10 1st period tardies

    5 late arrival tardies                                                                                         10 late arrival tardies

    3 unexcused absences 1st periods                                                   6 unexcused absences 1st periods

    3 late arrival unexcused absences                                                    6 late arrival unexcused absences

    Failure to attend an After School Detention (ASD)                          Failure to attend a Saturday School (SAT)

    Any 1st offense parking violation on campus                                                 Any 1st offense moving violation on campus

    Unregistered vehicle                                                                                          2nd truancy

                                                                                                                                   2nd offense or combination of 5 day suspensions

    Permanent Suspension of Parking

    Parking fees are not refunded when parking privileges are revoked.

    15 1st period tardies

    15 late arrival tardies

    9 unexcused absences 1st periods

    9 late arrival absences

    Attempt to damage or remove a boot on a vehicle

    Second assignment to DAEP

    Parking on campus while serving a parking suspension

    Selling, giving away, or lending of your parking tag to another student

    3rd offense or combination of parking suspensions


    • Make sure you have registered (Step2)
    • Have your MySchoolBucks login ready.
    • If you are not able to select a student in the drop down box, you need to add your student to your account. Make sure you have their student ID number.

    Click Here to make $75 payment.

Please click on the link below to update your vehicle information.

Click here to change your vehicle information. Wait until after you have your parking space number.