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MHS Support Staff
Name Email Title
Connie Henson Welcome Desk Clerk
Kerrie Bloh Receptionist
Sarah Swasta Registrar
Caryn Hermes Assistant Registrar
Tracy Andrews Finance
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Name Email Title
Toni Luedke Secretary - Hendrix
Deanna Black Secretary - Eaton
Angela Raley Secretary - Tommaney
Angela Szepesi Secretary - Hardy/Lopez
Portland Muston Secretary - Duoto
Kathy Teran Secretary - Miller
Sandy Farris Counselor Secretary
Heather Broussard Counselor Data Entry Clerk
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Name Email Title
Stacey Brown Attendance: A - L
Riki Reaves Attendance: M - Z
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Name Email Title
Deborah Dees Diagnostician's Secretary
Lori Polan Athletic Secretary
Ashley Powell Nurse Assistant
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Name Email Title
Bowen, Cindy Classroom Aide
Moore, Malorie Library Aide/Substitute Coordinator
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Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.