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If the link marked "Web Site" does not work for a teacher, the site either hasn't been made yet or is named incorrectly.  Leave your  child's teacher a voicemail: (936) 276-2001.
Teachers, if you have a site made that isn't working, please email webmaster@misd.org to get the link fixed.

Welcome to Hollywood!!
Name E-Mail Website Position
Allison, Ashley aallison@misd.org website Science/Math
Brimberry, Heather gbrimberry@misd.org website Science/Math
Brown, Ivy ibrown@misd.org website Art
Cheatham, Angela acheatham@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Coughlin, Lauren lcoughlin@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Egloff, Jeneca jegloff@misd.org website Science/Math
Gigliotta, Chris cgigliotta@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Gomez, Rosa rgomez@misd.org Dual Language
Gonzales, Kris kgonzales@misd.org Website Teacher
Hance, Angela ahance@misd.org website GT Science/Math
Hightower, Glynda ghightower@misd.org website Math/Language Arts
Hobson, Traci thobson@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Hope, Marcy mhope@misd.org website Science/Math
Horn, Taylor thorn@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Kirby, Mallory mkirby@misd.org website Principal
McDonald, Laura lmcdonald@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Miller, Lisa lmiller@misd.org website GT Science/Math
Morris, Adam amorris@misd.org Website Dual Language Science/Math
Norman, Dusty dnorman@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Pilgrim, Charlotte cpilgrim@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Rader, Tim trader@misd.org website P.E.
Radford, Molly mradford@misd.org website Science/Math
Reinholz, Kyle kreinholz@misd.org website Science/Math
Roach, Christy croach@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Samuel, Jessica jsamuel@misd.org website Librarian
Saravia, Ana asaraviagalvan@misd.org website Dual Language - Language Arts/Social Studies
Shreve, Karie kshreve@misd.org website Language Arts/Social Studies
Smith, Shelby ssmith1@misd.org website Assistant Principal
Storer, Amy astorer@misd.org website MISD Instructional Coach
Teasdale, Phyliss pteasdale@misd.org website Science/Social Studies
Thomason, Kodi kthomason1@misd.org website Science/ Math
Weth, Lauren lwall@misd.org P.E. Aide
Wetuski, Michele mwetuski@misd.org website Music
Wheat, Kathy kathy.wheat@misd.org website GT Language Arts/Social Studies
Whitehead, Leslie lwhitehead@misd.org website Science/Math
Wieghat, Sarah swieghat@misd.org website Science/Math
Worthy, Julie jworthy@misd.org website Science/Math
Wunderlich, Kim kwunderlich@misd.org website Counselor
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Special Education

Name Email Website
Arnsworth, Edna earnsworth@misd.org website
Buss, Angie abuss@misd.org website
Greer, Staci agreer@misd.org
Petrossi, Judy jpetrossi@misd.org website
Sammons, Bridgette bsammons@misd.org N/A
Schroeder, Jarene jschroeder@misd.org website
Sewell, Roni vsewell@misd.org website
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Auxillary Staff
Name Email Website Position
Anderson, Kristen kanderson1@misd.org N/A Support Sevices
Brewer, Dottie dbrewer@misd.org N/A Campus Receptionist
Fabian, Carol cfabian@misd.org website
Greer, Ana agreer@misd.org Website
Guzman, Cintia cguzman@misd.org N/A Diagnostician
Hurst, Connie churst@misd.org website
Johnson, Heather hjohnson@misd.org Website Interventionist
Kollaja, Shelley skollaja@misd.org N/A Registrar
Naccarato, Clara cnaccarato@misd.org website Nurse
Raley, Angela araley@misd.org Campus Secretary
Scalf, Jane jscalf@misd.org N/A Speech Language Pathologist.
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Child Nutrition Staff
Name Email Position
Candice Brewster cbrewster@misd.org Manager
Janeth Cuculic N/A Child Nutrition Specialist
Lisa Hicks N/A Child Nutrition Specialist
Patricia Stokley N/A Child Nutrition Specialist
Petra Visoso Castro N/A Child Nutrition Specialist
Virginia Branch N/A Child Nutrition Specialist
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Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.