• Office Staff
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Michele Salter Principal michele.salter@misd.org
    Matthew Bess Assisstant Principal matthew.bess@misd.org
    Elaine Clevenger Counselor elaine.clevenger@misd.org
    Nancy Bodman Secretary nancy.bodman@misd.org
    Christi Moore Nurse christi.moore@misd.org Website
    Linda Bailey Registrar linda.bailey@misd.org
    Elizabeth Harrison Diagnostician elizabeth.harrison@misd.org
    Vickie Price Receptionist vickie.portlock@misd.org
    Clara Naccarato Nurse clara.naccarato@misd.org
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  • Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Jackie Brock Pre-K Teacher jackie.brock@misd.org Website 80476
    Tina Hanna Pre-K Teacher tina.hanna@misd.org Website 80392
    Amanda Williams Pre-K Dual Language Teacher amanda.williams@misd.org Website 84503
    Carrie Holliday Kindergarten Teacher carrie.holliday@misd.org Website 84221
    Iliana Manuel Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher iliana.manuel@misd.org Website 83532
    Krisiti Lobue Kindergarten Teacher kristi.lobue@misd.org Website 84462
    Kristen Hefner Kindergarten Teacher kristen.hefner@misd.org Website 82886
    Laurie Helm Kindergarten Teacher lauren.helm@misd.org Website 81351
    Linda Hubert Pre-K Dual Language Teacher linda.hubert@misd.org
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  • First Grade Team at Stewart Creek Elementary
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Angie Massey First Grade Teacher angie.massey@misd.org Website 82842
    Cynthia Diaz-Feagin First Grade Dual Language Teacher cynthia.diaz-feagin@misd.org Website 82675
    Jennifer Dossey First Grade Teacher jennifer.dossey@misd.org Website 83731
    Katie Kreger First Grade Teacher katie.kreger@misd.org Website 83779
    Leslie Turner First Grade Teacher leslie.turner@misd.org Website 84057
    Marianne Elias First Grade Teacher marianne.elias@misd.org Website 80685
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  • 2nd Grade Staff
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Callie Thomas Second Grade Teacher callie.thomas@misd.org Website 84335
    Erin Gowton Second Grade Teacher erin.gowton@misd.org Website 82684
    Karen O'Donnell Second Grade Teacher karen.odonnell@misd.org Website 81082
    Krista Teutsch Second Grade Teacher krista.teutsch@misd.org Website
    Peggy Heard Second Grade Teacher peggy.heard@misd.org Website 80166
    Rebecca Usner Second Grade Teacher rebecca.usner@misd.org Website 83913
    Virginia Little Second Grade Dual Language Teacher virginia.little@misd.org Website
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  • 3rd grade Staff
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Amanda Finch Third Grade Math/Science Teacher amanda.finch@misd.org Website 82409
    Araceley Garcia Third Grade Dual Language Teacher araceley.garcia@misd.org Website 84778
    Madeline Stewart Third Grade Teacher madeline.stewart@misd.org Website 84450
    Michelle Wetuski Third Grade ELA/SS Teacher michelle.wetuski@misd.org Website
    Sara Simpson Third Grade ELA/SS Teacher sara.simpson@misd.org Website 84166
    Tania Ryan Third Grade Math/Science Teacher tania.ryan@misd.org Website 82083
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  • Fourth Grade Team
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Adrienne Dewberry Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher adrienne.dewberry@misd.org Website 82657
    Aracelia Black Fourth Grade Dual Language Teacher aracelia.black@misd.org Website 84764
    Bailey VanDyke Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher bailey.vandyke@misd.org Website
    Codi Thomas Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher codi.thomas@misd.org Website 83207
    Collins Haynie Fourth Grade ELA/SS Teacher collins.haynie@misd.org Website 81707
    Kristin Tiger Fourth Grade ELA/SS Teacher kristin.tiger@misd.org Website 83545
    Melinda Wilson Fourth Grade ELA/SS Teacher melinda.wilson@misd.org Website 82868
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  • 5th Grade Team
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Ana Saravia Galvan Fifth Grade Dual Language Teacher ana.saraviagalvan@misd.org Website 84232
    Delana Dyer Fifth Grade Teacher delana.dyer@misd.org Website 83744
    Leslie Whitehead Fifth Grade Math/Science Teacher leslie.whitehead@misd.org Website 80889
    Marcy Hope Fifth Grade Math/Science Teacher marcy.hope@misd.org Website 81070
    Stephanie Dooley Fifth Grade ELA/SS Teacher stephanie.dooley@misd.org Website 81004
    Taylor Horn Fifth Grade ELA/SS Teacher taylor.horn@misd.org Website 83905
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  • Name Position Email Website Ext.
    Anna Lambdin Co-Teacher anna.lambdin@misd.org Website 81588
    Brandi Kieffer Aide brandi.kieffer@misd.org n/a n/a
    Dannette Key Instructional Coach dannette.key@misd.org Website 81784
    Deborah Hill Instructional Aide deborah.hill@misd.org Website n/a
    Delores Yarrito Aide delores.yarrito@misd.org n/a n/a
    Eva Madrid-Gonzalez Dual Language Aide eva.madrid-gonzalez@misd.org Website n/a
    Evelyn Cohen Aide evelyn.cohen@misd.org n/a n/a
    Gina Gaspard Interventionist regina.gaspard@misd.org Website 82735
    Holley Kloosterman Life Skills Teacher holley.kloosterman@misd.org Website 83720
    Jennifer Holland Speech Therapist jennifer.holland@misd.org
    Jennifer Krikorian ESL Teacher jennifer.krikorian@misd.org Website
    Sarah Harris Dyslexia Specialist sarah.harris@misd.org
    Wanda Estes Co-Teacher wanda.estes@misd.org Website 84481
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  • Specials Team
    Name Position Email Website Ext.
    David Vaughn PE Teacher david.vaughn@misd.org Website 82774
    Jennifer Harrison Librarian jennifer.harrison@misd.org Website n/a
    Julie Kuhns Music Teacher julie.kuhns@misd.org Website 80872
    Karie Shreve Art Teacher karie.shreve@misd.org
    Melissa Turner Computer Teacher melissa.turner@misd.org n/a n/a
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Our Mission

Montgomery Independent School District, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, will provide a premier academic program that recognizes the unique potential of each student and integrates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.  This program will empower each student to become an eager lifelong learner committed to academic excellence, integrity, responsible citizenship and service to others.